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Diana Ross: Fervor, Family and Fame

March 26th is the iconic Diana Ross’ birthday, and befitting of her status as an international star, she receives lots of congratulatory messages on social media. Those that stand out the most are from her five children.

Diana Ross and her children have amassed millions of followers on social media over the last several years. In truth, their individual accounts are some of the most beautiful and healthy spaces on social media. The support the siblings show each other and the love they have for their mom, as well as how they display it, is inspirational.

Diana Ross is undeniably a phenomenal woman. She built the house in which most of the women in entertainment currently live. She overcame the hurdles of racism and sexism and thrived in an industry that was still in its infancy. She triumphed over bad press, rumors and innuendos, building a rich career and an even bigger legacy. Professionally, she is a legend. But Diana Ross is also a wonderful mom.

“Our mum is a mum before she is anything else,” daughter Tracee Ellis Ross has been quoted saying many times over. Rhonda Ross, the eldest daughter, noted that their mother encouraged her children to be their own person. “I credit my mother with that. She allowed for us to have our own and to know that our own was important.”

All five of her children always speak highly of her, never even sharing a side joke or a sarcastic remark about her as a parent. Moreover, they are all independently living fruitful and healthy lives.

Whether it’s in pictures and videos on social media or walking the red carpet together, this is a family that exudes love. It flows genuinely. Diana Ross has been a strong presence in the careers of her children. In video archives, she proudly invited Rhonda as a teenager to sing at one of her events. In other videos, she performs with or while holding her other sons and daughters.

The glamorous life of the stage did not and could not take away her love, care, attention, and pride in her children. Her children have shared on many occasions that while growing up, she never left them for more than a week. When she was touring nearby, she made sure to come home every night and be there in the morning to help them make their beds and make breakfast. “She always made an effort to be a mom first,” said daughter Chudney.

Now that her children are all adults, she still performs regularly with them and has even toured jointly with Rhonda.

Evan Ross shared in an interview that watching his mother’s performance in Lady Sings the Blues is what inspired him to go into acting. He also sought his mother’s blessings and opinions in his duet I Do that he sings with his wife Ashlee Simpson.

Tracee shared that her mother visits regularly on the set of Black-ish.

“I have five beautiful children, a wonderful career, a wonderful life,” said Diana Ross back in 1996 during her Super Bowl performance rehearsals.

Tracee recently shared in a social media post that her phone was running out of space and she was really feeling bad as she had to delete some voice messages from her mother. She shared she found it hard because she sends such sweet messages.

Looking back at her childhood and Diana Ross as a mother rather than a superstar, Tracee said, “She really gave us space and the courage to live the lives that we want to be living, and to have time to dream and conjure up the life that I wanted to be living. ”

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