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Fashion & Polo Classic - Atlanta 2021

Photos by Goliath Coaches

The 2021 Atlanta Fashion & Polo Classic commenced its fourth annual celebration October 10 at Bouckaert Farm in Fairburn, GA.

Presented by the Miguel Wilson Collection and sponsored by Bentley Atlanta, this year’s event included a “Black Tie Experience,” “Polo & Pumps Day Party,” and “Cocktails and Cigars Under The Stars” events before the actual Atlanta Fashion & Polo Classic, making an exciting weekend with The Georgian Terrace Hotel serving as the host accommodations for all out-of-town guests, and one of the venues.

“This was an amazing weekend, and so far our best Atlanta Fashion & Polo Classic yet,” said Miguel Wilson, founder of the Atlanta Fashion & Polo Classic. “Though we aim to make the best luxury and cultural experience, what truly makes this event special is the people. Every guest is treated like a VIP, and every vendor, sponsor, or model continues the experience, creating something dynamic and special for all in attendance to enjoy.”

On Sunday, October 10, the Atlanta Fashion & Polo Classic was hosted at Bouckaert Farm outside of Atlanta. Ultra VIP ticket holders arrived at the location via helicopter and ushered to the venue in Bentleys provided by Bentley Atlanta.


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