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Ferragamo shows at Milan Fashion Week 2023

In the Spring 2024 Ferragamo show, we are introduced to yet another chapter of sartorial storytelling. This time, the narrative takes a turn towards bridging the gap between past and present while also blending different cultural contexts and materials in an authentic way.

As with every fashion narrative, each collection presents an ideal, and at Ferragamo, this ideal paints the portrait of a woman who is timeless. Effortlessly put together, yet distinctively dressed to the nines, she embodies a harmonious blend of minimalistic design that commands maximum attention.

Maximilian Davis, with his sharp insights and relentless creativity, explores further into the Ferragamo design language. Drawing inspiration from a captivating juxtaposition, Davis brings forth the effortless flair of Italian dressing and melds it with the relaxed ethos of Caribbean style. This season shines a light on Davis’s affinity for contrasts, taking cues from Italy’s Arte Povera movement. Witness humble fabrics elevated and transformed: linens and cotton either bonded with sumptuous satins or adapted to mirror the texture of leather. It’s not just about the materiality; it’s about the artistry. The wooden accessories, sculpted with meticulous finesse, or the precision tailoring of natural fabrics all affirm Davis’ commitment to his craft. Every piece has been envisioned to be both relatable within a wardrobe and intriguing in its detailing.

Navigating further into the collection, Davis showcases a dynamic interplay between restraint and freedom in each design. Elements like the worn leather textures and meticulous mid-century tailoring converge to create a unique design landscape. There’s a clear emphasis on fluidity, with viscose jersey drapery echoing Ferragamo’s Florentine heritage, gracefully juxtaposed with the rigidity of Renaissance armor aesthetics. Amidst these intricate narratives, there’s a playful undertone—day dresses with high patent boots, and T-shirts with a hint of hurried elegance. Davis’ incorporation of these elements into daily wear is not just fashion; it’s a statement on modernity itself.


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