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For the Horse who has it All

Meet Horse Kicks, a new brand of sneakers for horses created by Lexington, Ky.-based designer Marcus Floyd.

“When the idea was pitched to me, I had no idea that there was such a huge market for horse tennis shoes,” said Floyd from his workshop in Lexington.

Floyd uses techniques learned from The Shoe Surgeon‘s customization workshop, SRGN Academy, to craft the footwear, finding inspiration from some of the most beloved sneaker silhouettes.

“The project couldn’t have worked out any better than it did," said Floyd. "As a Lexington native - the horse capitol of the world - I mean how cool is that the first horse sneaker was created here... by me?”

Floyd's original designs echoed fan favorites from Nike and Yeezy, but going forward, Horse Kicks will only be branded as such: Horse Kicks, a Marcus Floyd original.

Custom Horse Kicks retail for $1,200 and can be ordered from the Horse Kicks website. Ten percent of each sale benefits Sneaker Ball Lex and its charitable endeavors and the collection will be on view at the Sneaker Ball Lex charity event November 12.

Breeders’ Cup World Championships attendees will also have a chance to experience the Horse Kicks pop-up experience in Kentucky from November 4 to 5.


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