Getting Rid of Man-Boobs - from an Expert who Did It

Growing up clinically obese, I developed male gynecomastia (man-boobs in pop culture). I spent years trying to camouflage this particular part of my body to the point that it was a defining issue of my life.

I lived in fear of how certain kinds of clothes accentuated them, so I found myself always wearing a big shirt to cover them. I rarely went shirtless in public. I endured bullying from friends and constantly stressed that I’d end up alone if and when things became intimate in my personal relationships. This took an enormous toll on my confidence.

It was unbearable to see my reflection in the mirror and hear people making fun of my condition. I became determined to get rid of my man-boobs and through massive lifestyle changes, I eventually found myself transforming into something I – and others – could appreciate rather than barely tolerate.

As the title suggests, man-boobs or male gynecomastia is a problem that affects men of any age and race. There are multiple clinical, biomolecular reasons for this problem, some of which may require medical help like the hormonal balancing between estrogen and testosterone, medication-induced male breasts, aging, menopause-triggered gynecomastia and disease-induced gynecomast