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High Goal Gin from Polo Player Nic Roldan

American polo player Nic Roldan just doesn’t sit still. Between playing in major high-goal tournaments and cruising the Mediterranean, he’s also developing homes in West Palm Beach and, most recently, developing a gin inspired by his time playing polo in the U.K.

We caught up with Roldan while he was off the coast of Cannes and he generously answered a few questions about High Goal Gin before getting back to the party.

Polo Lifestyles: The liquor market is extremely saturated, what sets High Goal Gin apart and what’s your niche?

Nic Roldan: It’s an exciting time to be involved in the liquor market and, pun intended, there seems to be a real thirst for new and original offerings.  High Goal Gin is an elevated “new world” Gin, with notes of fresh citrus and mint.  It was inspired by the culinary epicenter of Charleston, South Carolina, worldly yet unmistakably American.  Gin re-imagined.

Polo Lifestyles: What’s your favorite way to enjoy High Goal Gin? And what do you like to pair with it?

NR: At the moment, my personal favorite is one of our signature cocktails, hence it’s called “The Roldan.” It’s made with muddled strawberries, basil and High Goal Gin.  However, what makes High Goal Gin unique compared to other gins is that to really appreciate its notes, you should drink it on the rocks with a sliver of lemon peel and a sprig of mint.

Polo Lifestyles: What do you want consumers to taste and experience when they drink High Goal Gin?

NR: High Goal Gin is a refreshing and modern take on a classic spirit.  It is made in 3000 bottle batches using locally-sourced Charleston botanicals including mint and Meyer lemon.  It’s original in how light and refreshing it is.

Polo Lifestyles: Where can we find High Goal Gin right now?

NR: We are excited that High Goal Gin is on the menus of some of Palm Beaches’ most esteemed establishments such as Cucina, The Colony Hotel, Lola 41, Cafe L’Europe and Sant Ambroeus.  Presently, we enjoy distribution in Florida and South Carolina, while our network grows all the time.  Additionally, the discerning are able to order High Goal Gin direct on our website

Polo Lifestyles: What’s one thing about developing High Goal Gin that surprised you?

NR: The most surprising or interesting experience we have had developing our gin has been understanding the different palates, perfecting a new taste that is light and refreshing and popular to the overall demographic. Reaction from traditional gin drinkers has also been surprising with their very positive reaction to our flavor. 

Polo Lifestyels: How has your platform as a professional polo player helped you in launching High Goal Gin?

NR: Gin and polo have long been intertwined as of course polo provides a wonderful setting in which to sip on a G&T. It’s the perfect summer drink.

Polo Lifestyles: How would you explain the ‘High Goal’ part of your brand to a consumer who’s not familiar with polo?

NR: High Goal Gin was born of the Game of Kings.  High Goal Gin leverages the aspirational qualities of polo to elevate American Gin to a new level, not only in the United States, but globally.

Polo Lifestyles: Have you always been drawn to gin or is this a new venture for you?

NR: When I was playing in the UK regularly, I met with a couple of friends for drinks and one of them was a real gin lover.  We would often meet at a local place which offered over 200 gins in its bar, this fascinated me and it became a bit of an education learning about the high variety on offer and the differences in the spirit. From there, it grew.


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