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Ifza Silver Club Day 2

The second day of the IFZA Silver Cup 2021 delivered a thrilling match between Zedan Polo team and Dubai Wolves.

Zedan Polo team had a strong start as Geronimo Del Carril scored the first goal and had 4 goal advantage by the end of the second chukker. The Dubai Wolves by Cafu made an impressive comeback at the third chukker with two goals from Alejandro Muzzio. Habtoor Al Habtoor, patron of the team, showed grit as he ended the third chukker with a goal, closing in on Zedan Polo. The excitement kicked up a notch with an excellent pass from Habtoor that allowed Muzzio to score the goal that placed the teams tied at 6 goals. The Dubai Wolves took off at the final chukker with back to

Match progression: 1 - 2  | 1 - 5  | 4 - 5 | 6 - 6 | 10 - 7 Top scorer of the match: Geronimo del Carril, 5 goals and it was the goal from Habtoor that sealed the win for the team at 10 goals to 7.


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