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Luxurious Leisure: The Art of Wellbeing

Christy Turlington, one of the world’s most admired advocates of wellbeing, is channeling inspired wellness and has taken her practices to a new sensorial level.

In an initiative undertaken in partnership with the LVMH marquee brand Loro Piana, the unmistakable craftsmanship and design of the ultimate fitness collection will assist in being well, while remaining elegant. The collection, which has been noted into leisure capsules have been thoughtfully combined into the transformative segments most ideal to promote a luxurious experience – including meditation, wellbeing and exploration.

Within each capsule, the design team has curated a collection of selected items that idealistic to channel your inner zen. The Meditation collection includes the simple indulgence of a hand-crafted meditation mat, which may serve a dual purpose during a favorite yoga or platies class. Featuring a supple calfskin trim and its own soft pillow it is made from the finest cashmere and treated with the signature Loro Piana Storm System® for a waterproof finish. The Loro Piana detail – non-slip cashmere socks to make sure you are well-balanced in your mission to find nirvana. While we know that hydration is a must, the well-designed addition of a personalized water bottle in a cashmere holder is sure to quench that need. While exercising, you may towel off with a Piana chevron towel, and to hold the entirety of your meditation accessories would be the herringbone cotton and canvas bag that features contrast stitching, perfect for sport.

While trying to find the grace between rest and movement, and while some prefer a more rigorous training, balancing the power through exercise programs this collection provides a new, work-out-in-style ability with the wellbeing capsule. Encompassing a singular leather skipping rope, that is handcrafted and features comfortable padded cashmere Storm System® handles for ultimate calisthenic comfort. The collection also features one and two-kilo weights made of chrome featuring the likes of the same luxury handles with a chevron cashmere and calfskin leather trim, hand made in Italy of course. The set also features an exercise core ball, which has been upholstered in a super soft chevron padded cashmere with leather handles and personalized metal detail and, naturally it is accompanied by a matching water bottle all in understated midnight blue cashmere. The entirety of the set is completed by the two sided chevron patterned cotton towel that also features the Loro Piana monogram and crest.

There is nothing that touches your heart more deeply than the sound of the forest a midnight sky peppered with stars and the cloud of your breath hitting the pure icy air. Loro Piana has created its last capsule entitled exploration to convey the collection’s purpose. While it’s up for you to decide if you’d make the daytime hike or simply survey the scenery from wherever you are, you have the option to be zipped into the comfort of the most delicious sleeping bag adorned in the chevron padded Wind Storm System® and Baby Cashmere for both protection and warmth. Sleeping beneath the starry sky is more serene underneath an eye mask knit of herringbone Baby Cashmere trimmed in calfskin leather, and should you choose to bring your own refreshment, the cashmere thermos flask will get you through the night.

Turlington was an obvious choice as wellness advocate for the collaboration between the houses after her lifelong dedication to the promotion of positive mental health and lifestyle. As the supermodel face in mainstream campaigns for Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Prada, she has dedicated significant time to continually promoting a healthy body image within the fashion industry. The Piana brand also featured Turlington in a digital short film ‘The Art of Wellbeing’ for this campaign which was created by The MJS Groupe. Filmed in the prestige Hamptons region of New York, the LVMH team also noted that a significant amount of time had been spent in creating the world’s most prestigious accessory collection to combat today’s climate as their luxury consumer base has never shown a higher interest in attaining a more balanced fitness lifestyle, and this collection aims to bridge that gap.


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