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Luxury meets Action at Al Habtoor

DUBAI, UAE: The most prestigious polo tournament in the region opened with two exciting games: Abu Dhabi Polo versus Ghantoot Polo and Dubai Wolves versus AM/UAE Polo teams.

The first goal was scored by Martin Donovan, an angled shot that gained Abu Dhabi Polo its one-goal advantage at the end of the first chukker. Marcos Panelo Jr. raked in the first goal for Ghantoot Polo, which was matched by Alfredo Cappella during the second chukker. The advantage was still in favor of Abu Dhabi Polo by half time, and Faris Al Yabhouni, the patron of the team, scored a goal during the penultimate chukker. Pablo Llorente of Ghantoot Polo was able to steal the lead briefly, but Abu Dhabi managed to end the fourth chukker with a two-goal advantage. The determining chukker had Ghantoot Polo close in on its opponent, but there was not enough time, and the game ended 10 - 9 in favor of Abu Dhabi Polo.

Match Progression: 1 - 0|2 - 1|4 - 3|8 - 6|10 - 9 Top scorer: Marcos Araya, Ghantoot Polo, five goals.

The second match between Dubai Wolves and AM/UAE Polo was a close one from start to finish. Juan Gris Zavaleta delivered the first goal for Dubai Wolves, and the teams were tied by halftime due to a goal by Habtoor Al Habtoor. Dubai Wolves and Am/UAE defended their position with a goal each from Juan Gris Zavalet and Santiago Cernadas respectively. The win was imminent for Dubai Wolves at the fifth chukker; however, Jacinto Crotto scored two fast goals that paved the way to victory for AM/UAE Polo that resulted in a final score of 5 - 4.

Match Progression: 0 - 1 | 2 - 1| 2 - 2 | 3 - 3 | 5 - 4

Top scorers of the match: Santiago Cernadas, Jacinto Crotto, Habtoor Al Habtoor and Juan Gris Zavaleta, with two goals each.

The Standard Chartered Gold Cup will continue on Wednesday, February 19, with a match between Habtoor Polo and Zedan Polo at 2:00 p.m., and at 4:00 p.m., UAE Polo will play against Bangash Polo. Catch the action live in Field 3 at Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club or watch it online on Pololine TV’s live-stream.

Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series was founded in 2009 by Mohammed Al Habtoor, patron of the Habtoor Polo team. The Gold Cup (Dubai Open) was recognized by the World Polo Tour (WPT). In January 2014, the WPT committee credited the Gold Cup tournament as the highest competition in terms of points within the WPT Challenge Cup category, elevating it to 50 points for the winner. 2015 marked the first time that the WPT upgraded the Gold Cup Tournament from “Challenge Cup” to the highly coveted “WPT Cup”, resulting in winners receiving 60 points. In 2017, the tournament was moved up to WPT Championship Cup, the highest competition point-wise, awarding its winners with 125 points. The Silver Cup is ranked under the WPT Cup category, with 50 points for winners, and the Dubai Challenge Cup falls under the WPT Challenge Cup Category, awarding its winners with 20 points. Dubai Gold Cup Series is proud to be the only tournament series with this exclusive accreditation in the GCC and MENA Region, ranking it among the best polo tournaments worldwide.


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