Patron's Place

Raphael Dapaah

Art Contributor


After five months, Raphael Dapaah is back at Polo Lifestyles with a fresh perspective and new series.

I have decided to launch a new series, “Patrons' Place” that explores the collections and insights of budding and established art collectors and patrons. This series will run every other month with the artists’ vernissage series, thus highlighting the contingent journeys of artists and collectors. 

Name: Chantel Akworkor Thompson

Occupation: Teacher

Location: Currently Praslin, Seychelles, usually London, UK

Collector Level: Established 

  • When did you buy your first piece of art, and what was it?

Wow, I had to think about this. I can’t believe I couldn’t immediately remember which was the first piece in my collection that I bought. I mean, I have always gathered small artworks on my travels throughout the African continent since I first visited in 2008, but nothing on the scale of what I collect now. But my first “real” piece/ pieces were three prints by Prince Gyasi in 2018. I had been travelling frequently to Ghana that year and had come across his work on Instagram. I just loved the vibrancy of the colors, the way he depicted black bodies, child bodies and the concept of “boxed kids”. As a teacher that really resonated with me. At the time, Prince was not signed and was working independently. I hadn’t originally wanted three, but he had made a mistake with the order and then later convinced me to take all three, a decision I don’t regret. I met him in Accra to collect the pieces and I got a great vibe off him. A short while later, he was signed, and one of the pieces I have was no longer allowed to be reproduced for sale, so I guess it’s a rarity.