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Peru to The World 9th Annual Expo

In its ninth year, The Peru to the World Expo 2020 held its anticipated event of curated traditional Peruvian gastronomic fair in East Hampton, New York, in the luxurious gardens of The Baker House 1650 The event was also held as an official U.S. introduction to Marina Coast Peru, a luxury living and yachting community in Northern Peru. 

As a gastronomic destination, the cuisine of Peru continues to be celebrated world-wide and a number of top nationwide chefs traveled to join in the culinary program, including Chef David Burke. The six top chefs were featured both on the virtual and live portions of the program, as they cooked live introducing each of their specialties to guests. The Baker House owner, Antonella Bertello, who is also of Peruvian descent, and Melvi Davila, the Peru to the World Expo founder, served as master of ceremonies and created a beautiful tribute to their Peruvian heritage. Guests were delighted with live vocalizations and a ‘Marinera’ dance from the culture’s traditional roots. This virtual and in-person gala was produced by The MJS Groupe who specialize in curating luxury experiences.  

The recipient of this year’s Award of Excellence was Augusto Manzanares, a very creative and top Peruvian Fashion Designer whose celebrity clients include Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Thalia. The evening featured prominent local and national Peruvian chefs, businesses and restaurants. Notable partners included The Peruvian Connection, Goya, Danica Rose, Cerveza Cusquena and Pisco Alegre. Guests also were delighted to try traditional foods prepared by Brian Morales of Son Cubano Restaurant, Javier Angeles of Susheria Restaurant, Michael Ciuffardi of Inca Social Restaurant, Diego De La Rosa of Paella Party, Raul Perez of Somos tu Perú Restaurant, and Yuki Nakandakari of Ceviche Brothers.

Bertello also had the honor of announcing her family’s project - Marina Coast Peru, which is the first residential and recreational boating paradise on the Western coast of South America. The destination, which is located in Punta Sal, on the northern Peruvian coast, boasts oceanfront luxury apartments, houses and townhouses, outdoor recreation, private airfield, inland marina with slips for yachts up to 220 feet, maintenance boatyard, yacht club, professional water ski lagoon, retail area and an extensively equipped medical center. All of these amenities come with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding ecological and recreational landscapes, making it one of the most modern and attractive residential communities. The area, which is world-renowned for its deep-sea fishing, and Ernest Hemingway spent time here filming parts of the movie "The Old Man and the Sea".

"Staying safe and healthy is now our priority, but we will soon welcome you with open arms at Marina Coast Peru, in Northern Peru, with its fantastic cuisine and climate year-round​,” noted Bertello.


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