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Profile: Camila McConaughey

Camila Alves McConaughey is a fashion and lifestyle expert and entrepreneur born in Brazil and now residing in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Matthew McConaughey, and their three children. She also runs the Women of Today website and a foundation called Just Keep Livin’, which works with kids from some of the country’s poorest schools, all of which she’s currently doing from home.

McConaughey, 38, a self-professed lover of house hunting, ended up buying a home in Austin she initially thought was too big (there’s an elevator), and she’s filled it with items from her travels to fit her eclectic style. Her home office, surrounded almost entirely by glass, is where she seeks solace during these trying times—or until a prayer tent she’s designing has been completed.

McConaughey also takes comfort in helping others, including handing out masks to essential workers in rural parts of Louisiana and Texas. She said that giving back to the community has helped her get through the trying times presented by the coronavirus.

“The lanes we picked were education, food and protection. Finding ways to help and having a purpose [has] helped me stay sane. I encourage everyone to find that... it can be something big; it can be something small. It can be as simple as helping your neighbors who are elders, doing something nice for the frontline workers who’ve been going through a lot. Having that purpose really makes a difference in dealing with this time,” she said.


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