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Spectacular Walls Adorned by Raphael Macek

Horses of different breeds from around the world serve as Raphael Macek’s top models. Born into a family of animal lovers, horse breeders and veterinarians, passion and love for animals was instilled in him from a young age. From 1981 to now, this experience and his relations with animals have turned him into one of the most important contemporary horse photographers in the world.

Macek decided early on to turn his hobby into a career. Working so closely with different cultures and people - while searching for models - had an impact on his life and his style; he shifted his focus toward the natural world.

Macek is known for his unique ability to capture the beauty of his animal subjects along with their emotions and the essence of their nature.

The artistic view expressed in his work is recognized worldwide in important art exhibitions, private showings, and publications. He has published his work in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

In 2009, he photographed safaris in Africa, particularly in Tanzania and Kenya. Today Macek is at home around the world. More and more he dedicates himself to his own projects, such as his coffee table book Equine Beauty. His ongoing mission is to show animals in all their splendor—horses in particular, as they represent his true passion.


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