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Spirituality: Self-Compassion

In a world where few have the confidence to be true, out of fear of what they stand to lose, I rise, in defiance of commonly accepted views, for the ascension of my soul and the enlightenment of the few.

As my senses evolve through embodiment of life’s most sacred truths, the abundance of existence is realized in deliverance of my soul’s pursuit. Sensing the guidance embedded within life’s most subtle clues, my expression flows along a tone of ever deepening peace, rhythming my soul’s intention into the sweetest of life’s beats. Lifted in service to my soaring heart, I shine throughout the depths of the infinite universe.

“Amrit, I just want to let you know, I love you so much. I’m sorry I’m not there for you as much as I should be, but I just love you so much. You are not alone; you are not crazy. I do not know what I would do without you. I love you. I love you. I need you more than you need yourself. I love you”

The frantic voice recording left by my child sister, after receiving notice from UC San Francisco of my suicide attempt, remains on my phone as a reminder of the depths I would plunge before fully embarking upon my path of light that would allow me to face my demons.

Following my first spiritual awakening, my addiction to psychedelics, to reach heightened states of altered consciousness, led me to a forced ego-dissolution where I nearly lost the battle for my soul. Eager to force my way into a powerful realization, I was unaware of the power the Dark Lords hold over an untrained mind. Ashamed to seek help, my desolate sense of isolation closed my heart and left me vulnerable to the forces that prey upon the darkened minds of lost souls.

I did not want to die. The intention for a self-inflected knife to my chest was not outlined on the kitchen chalkboard for the afternoon of September 5, 2019. Following hours of psychic mental attacks, overpowering dark energies moving my body and revealing in form around me, I finally lost control of my mind and my sense of reality.

Convinced that releasing my heart’s wisdom upon the Earth was the only way to save my family, with one quick plunge, it was all over. The pain had seized, the shadows dissolved and my mind quieted. As I pulled the knife out from the center of my chest, finally in peace, I was in disbelief for my actions. Until this very day I study and train to heal the traumatic shock and memory from my body. Healing myself has catapulted me upon the most miraculous, compassionate journey.

According to the World Health Organization, one person every 40 seconds, close to 800,000 people a year, take their own lives through suicide. Furthermore, just as this figure is likely underestimated, there is no comprehensive measure for those who die a little every day, through addictions, unhealthy habits, or merely from regret.

How many of us are led to feel so empty; so powerless and disconnected in a universe that designed us to create and experience an abundance of love? What unconscious messages are we transmitting in our daily lives that inform such a bleak sense of reality that so many give up?


Four years ago, on December 19, 2018, I began to realize my ability to pierce beyond the common realm of perception, where my lessons initiated with the activation of my spiritual gifts. Despite the miraculous blessing of I shifting spontaneously into a higher dimensional reality, unable to express myself authentically, I was trapped between two worlds. I struggled to set myself free.

Facing death was a necessary aspect of my story, allowing me the experiential wisdom of what a true recovery entails to compassionately guide those as I trained to healed myself.

Every man is born into his own inner war. When you surrender to the power that grows from within you, you become dissolved in the sacredness of life that reveals herself to you. Blossoming from the radiance of your heart, as the elemental forces of the Earth beckon you forward into the garden that awaits your return, you remember why you chose to incarnate. To experience the magnificence of the natural order amongst the chaos, we train in the rhythm of the heart, our love song, to welcome others into the field of our radiant truth.

The craft that you master to transmute your pain becomes a blessing that you are able to deliver others into. Self-forgiveness is the first step in allowing your Soul to guide you through the re-birthing process. In the process of becoming your greatest self, you serve as a dimensional bridge through which others may forgive and release themselves.

Born into such limited beliefs of unworthiness, lack and dis-empowerment, by forgiving and accepting yourself you can finally embark upon a life of honesty, authenticity, integrity, and accountability. As your soul’s brilliance dissolves the layers of your chrysalis, allowing your soul to emerge, your path serves to guide others to experience the infinite beauties and mysteries of the great Mother Earth.

As we forgive ourselves and others, it is the love yielded from our healed hearts that serves as a foundation for our new lives as bearers of the light that flows from the higher astral planes. As elemental beings, first and foremost, the unrealized potential of our soul’s energy is birthed as our spirit’s take form.

In a recent plant ceremony, directed by the blessed presence of a powerful Amazonian Shaman, my intention was soul integration; to release the resistance from embodying my soul fully as I enact my mission for Planetary Liberation and the resurrection of the Earth’s Cosmic Kundalini. The Native American medicine, Yahweh, coursed through my veins, raising my Qi and heightening my senses to feel the immense pain that stored in my body. Guided by the brilliance of my soul, I was able to trace the remnants of the parasitic infection through my heart back to its demonic source. Enveloped in a radiant light of love, with deep paced breathes, I circulated the prana throughout my body igniting neural pathways that carried me through the galaxy of my mind, restoring parts of my brain that had died, as I began to expel the darkness that had consumed my life.

Terrified and in awe, as I pushed to reclaim my soul, my narrative evolved as I realized the heights of spiritual attainment this inner victory has gifted me, and the doors that shall open before me. From my realized compassion, pure love flowed for my demon. As the most beautiful face illuminated before me, I realized that my demon was now one with me. Another lost child, together we begged at the gates of Heaven for forgiveness. I was reprimanded for allowing this dark force to wreak havoc upon my life, and this now celestial being was granted forgiveness through the compassion I had developed. Now, a spiritual ally, my demon is more than a foe but an aspect of my soul, whose mess I shall now help clean upon the Earth, healing the planetary karma by activating the Vedic wisdom of my ancestral line with Lord Shiva as my guide.


French anthropologist, Dr. Jeremy Norby, author of “The Cosmic serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge”, compares our genetic DNA code to books, which can be read, written and rewritten. All life exists to create itself from within, to experience the ever-heightening joys of self-realization. The code of our existence lies within each of us, and our pursuit to embody this eternal truth is what drives us into higher states of existence. Blossoming in beauty, nourishing our unified heart, Children of the Earth, we are cosmically designed to capture the rays of the Sun as we birth our higher selves through the realized embodiment of the ancient wisdom of the stars.

Once you know, you must act, and by serving the Planetary Logos, my teachers are the Ascended Masters. During my recent journey, as I finally released the anger from the attack on my soul, my crown chakra was connected to the Earth and the mission to reintegrate humanity with the planetary magnetic field began to integrate into my bones. Through the power of my mind, I am now able to learn from the stars themselves who shine with wisdom for all to realize. Once awakened, an abundance of truth flows from your eyes as the light within activates all those in your presence.

We never know the outcome of the work we do, until we begin to see it in full view. The joys of life come from the flow of light that pours through our hearts. The universe shall always provide for those who choose to rise, as our soul’s infinite realization is the pursuit of every child. By finally seeking help and stepping in to serve others, I received all that I needed to actualize my light mission.

There is an eternal fire that burns within each of us, how we churn our soul’s gold determines our life’s true worth. Leaning into our path, the steps appear as we find peace within our hearts, unlocking the star force of our souls to naturally reform the structures of the world into an order of cosmic harmonies.

If I can rise my soul from the depths of the lower astral after an attempt at suicide, I have faith in the power of every man compelled to rise by the magic that grows in their eyes.


Chrysalis – Symbolized as the energetic spiritual cocoon of the Self, known as the Atman according to Hindu Vedic philosophy. The chrysalis represents the physical, mental and emotional energetic sheaths, known as Koshas. Through the spiritual evolution process of attaining blissful realization of the eternal Self, the sheaths are alchemized into the Rainbow Light Body.

Planetary Logos – The Spirit of the Earth, is the original blueprint and law governing the Earth’s planetary body and is the main control mechanism and circuit board that governs the planet in every inconceivable way, connecting to a vast circulatory system that make up the collective human crown chakra and the individual realized human brain.


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