The 2021 Ghost By Rolls-Royce: Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection

In 2009 Rolls-Royce announced a new addition to its portfolio that offered something entirely different to its flagship Phantom. First sought-after with a relentless pursuit of perfection in design, engineering and craftsmanship, the marque’s mission was then to create a more modest and minimalist expression of Rolls-Royce, welcome to the Goodwood Ghost.

After Ghost’s decade-long market presence, Rolls-Royce utilized data collected by Luxury Intelligence Specialists to allow for the reinvasion – gathering behaviors in how Ghost clients use their motor car, how they commission it and how they perceive Rolls-Royce. It is now that we see the latest vision in the company’s 116-year history, after Ghost’s formidable success, the market welcomes a new collective result being a motor car precisely tailored to its clients, appearing perfect in its simplicity, underpinned by remarkable substance, and focused on less is better. This is the “Post Opulence” take on the new Ghost. 

What this new generation offers is nothing short of engineering mastery. As our eyes glanced upon the redesigned saloon during first previews at the prestige Manhattan Motor Cars Rolls-Royce showroom, it was viewed in its most pared-back form. New lines, tech features and a true client-centric experience are what the brand was driving at (pun intended). Hitting the road with an increased vehicle with to subtly communicate its presence, you are initially greeted by a new illuminated grill. With 20 LEDs placed just underneath its top, a subtle glow is cast down each of the pantheon veins. The glow is further accentuated by a subtle design integration upon the initial introduction of this feature, the aesthetic team felt the reflection was too striking, so each of the veins features one brushed side to mute and amplify a softer feel. The iconic Spirit of Ecstasy which sits atop each vehicle has also been simplified, now positioned to sit snugly within the vehicle’s hood. The body itself also sees a softened appearance, taking cues from boating design with a smoothed lower waft line and striking roofline arch recalling the coach-built days of the Silver Dawn and Silver Cloud. The rear is also minimalistic, keeping with the cues which are notable to the brand but with a tighter more-breathy boot, speaking to its modern feel.