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The Cavallino Classic 2024: Where Luxury Isn't Just Worn; It's Driven

Nestled along the sun-kissed shores of Palm Beach, the Cavallino Classic 2024 emerged for its 33rd year as an unrivaled spectacle that seamlessly blends automotive opulence with the timeless grandeur at The Breakers Hotel.

This annual gathering, orchestrated by Cavallino Inc. is more than a mere convergence of cars; it’s a celebration of craftsmanship, history and an enduring love affair with the iconic Ferrari. As the engines start like a petrol-fueled symphony, this gathering once again highlights the indelible portrait of luxury’s heritage with a weekend of design and engineering mastery.

Imagine a setting where Italian Renaissance charm converges with the epitome of Palm Beach luxury—that’s The Breakers Hotel. Standing along the Atlantic Ocean, this historic establishment is the canvas upon which Cavallino 2024 unfolds. For the Classic, The Breakers transforms into a gallery of dreams where Ferraris take center stage. Manicured gardens become a runway for the metal horses, with each historic design curated against the backdrop of Mediterranean-inspired architecture and foliage. It’s an immersive experience that brings forward a refined aesthetic of local history paired with the design brilliance of Ferrari.

Palm Beach, known for its haute couture boutiques and lavish estates, undergoes a transformation for this much-anticipated weekend every year. As enthusiasts and collectors flood the town, its streets become the ultimate runway lined with perfect palms. But beyond the allure of revving engines and gleaming metal, the Classic plays a pivotal role in shaping Palm Beach’s cultural landscape. The city takes a bold step forward, becoming a playground for those who understand that style isn’t confined to couture, but asserting itself as a destination where luxury isn’t just worn—it’s driven.

Beyond the static displays, the Cavallino 2024 was a dynamic affair, featuring driving events, competitions and social gatherings. The Concorso d’Eleganza was the highlight of the weekend. Onlookers watched as meticulously judged Ferraris competed for coveted awards based on criteria such as authenticity, restoration quality and overall presentation. The track events were where these masterpieces stretched their legs in a display of speed and agility, adding an adrenaline-fueled dimension to the overall experience.

In the evenings, the ambiance shifted from engine rumbles to the clinking of fine crystal as participants and guests come together for elegant soirées. This year’s Classic also showcased a unique culinary experience executed by chefs Michele Casadei Massari from Lucciola New York and Juan Manuel Barrientos from El Cielo Miami. Both chef masters created a skillfully refreshing blend of tradition and modernity, a triumph in the union of food and automotive culture. These social gatherings also provided an opportunity for like-minded individuals to exchange stories, share their passion for automobiles, and forge connections that extend beyond the confines of the event itself.

In the automotive world, achieving victory amongst those who also enter at Cavallino is one of the most prestigious tasks. The rigorous IAC/PFA Judging System posed a significant challenge this year for the 55 judges tasked with selecting vehicles for the “Best” accolade. Over the past two years, in addition to the traditional “Best in Show” awards, the “Granturismo” and the “Competizione,” a third prestigious award has been introduced, for vehicles certified by Ferrari Classiche.

This new category aligns with Cavallino Classic’s mission to protect and cherish the global heritage of Collectible Ferraris and reflects Ferrari’s dedication to supporting clients in preserving these automotive treasures. To understand the level of excellence present at the 2024 Concorso, of the 150 cars entered, 61 achieved the Platinum Award, scoring an exceptionally high 82 out of 100 from the judges.

“We are honored to carry forward the 46-year journey of Cavallino Magazine and the 33-year tradition of Palm Beach Cavallino Classic. These two initiatives have significantly contributed to preserving and restoring Ferraris of all periods in America,” said Luigi Orlandini, Chairman & CEO of Cavallino. “As we steer Cavallino into the future, our aim is to ensure every aspect of the event offers a thoroughly enjoyable experience, while also giving back to our community by donating a part of each ticket to charitable projects such as the scholarship fund of the Palm Beach Police and Fire Foundation, or the A.W. Dreyfoos School of Art of West Palm Beach. The success of this year’s gathering underscores its status as the world’s most important event organized in the name of the Prancing Horse. My heartfelt thanks go to all participants, esteemed guests, and those who support our endeavors, especially our precious Patrons, partners and the amazing team of passionate people who made all of this possible.”

This year, the Best of Show Granturismo 2024 was awarded to the 1952 Ferrari 212 Inter Ghia #0191 EL belonging to Dennis and Susan Garrity with the Best of Show Competizione 2024 is awarded to the 1964 Ferrari 250 LM #6053 belonging to Chris and Ann Cox. In addition to these awards, the 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB “Competizione” #09063 belonging to Brian Ross was selected from entries with Ferrari Classiche’s “red book” certification as the Best of Show 2024 Classiche Certified.

Cavallino Classic also plays a pivotal role in shaping Palm Beach’s cultural landscape. The presence of the Classic enhances the region’s reputation as a symbol of the penchant for sophistication. The event underscores the idea that Palm Beach is not just noted for its locale, but also to its commitment to fostering a community of diversified interest and give-back. Here we see both a space and event unified, bound by a shared passion for the prancing horse.


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