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THE DOG ISSUE: Private Jets just for Dogs

The first K9 JETS flight took place last September 2023, from Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai to Farnborough Airport, near London. The unusual flight had a total of five dogs and three owners onboard who had won their seats on the private jet. The typical seat cost for individuals and their pets is around $9,925, depending on the route.

K9 JETS was established in 2022 by Kirsty and Adam Golder. They wanted to provide a service for pets so they could travel comfortably and stress-free while staying with their owners instead of needing to travel in the cargo hold. So far, they have helped 220 pets and 200 passengers relocate, but this was their first official private flight.

They noticed a spike in demand for pet travel at their sister company, G6 Aviation, which brokers private jets for the ultra-wealthy. Their mission was to get people interested in sharing a chartered aircraft to transport their pets.

The company aims to transport pets with minimal fuss and maximum comfort. Dubai to London flights will take place in December 2023 and January, April, July, and September 2024. Return flights from Farnborough to Dubai are also available. K9 Jets hopes to add flights from Doha to London in the near future and expand into Asia and Australia in 2024.

The service can be booked online, and the passenger sends their passport and pet documents to the company. Dogs do not have to be in a cage, as is usually the case, and may sit on the owner’s lap or on a seat. Cats, however, do have to be in a carrier. There are no queues for customs or security at the airport as they will use a private terminal. Two small pets under 50 lbs are allowed for each seat or one pet over 50 lbs. An extra seat must be purchased if an owner has two pets over 50 lbs.

These flights are operated by a licensed US carrier and typically utilize a Gulfstream G-IV. This type can hold up to 10 passengers with their pets. There is a full bar, and refreshments and snacks are complimentary. Flight crew and flight attendants are, of course, pet-friendly. There is WiFi onboard, a satellite phone, an air show map, and an entertainment system. The large leather seats have power outlets, and two lavatories are onboard.


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