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The FUTURE of Travel, Unplugged

As we enter a new decade, Tom Marchant, co-founder of the bespoke luxury travel company, Black Tomato, shared his insight on the technology trends that will be shaping global travel experiences of tomorrow.

Black Tomato, in partnership with Euromonitor International research, recognizes that the definition of luxury is evolving, and the experience is becoming ubiquitous, something consumers are becoming increasingly de-sensitized to. Their report, instead, charters a deeper course, where experience is synonymous with “personal fulfillment”, and creating lasting change is seen as the new currency for the luxury travel market.

Tech disconnect and detox

Travelers are embracing JOMO (the joy of missing out) rather than falling victim to nomophobia (the irrational fear of being without your cell phone). They are letting curiosity guide the way and relishing each moment as it happens — even if that means going joyfully off the worn path. You cannot stage-manage a moment of budding beauty, but you can create the conditions for its ripening.

According to their report, travelers are not looking for total disconnection; rather, windows of connectivity, especially when nearly 70% of consumers admit to staying connected to work on their holiday.

Therefore, they are talking about a realistic digital detox; people are hoping to find time for themselves, allowing for more breathing and thinking space within their itineraries.

Marchant commented: “Part of travel should be about learning and engaging with a place you are inspired by. Whilst technology may help inform us, I don’t believe it will be central in how or where we travel. We’re likely to start seeing places and experiences encouraging people to put technology to one side. When you’re there in the moment, you have room to properly think.”

Ultimately, there is a growing appreciation for personal reflection and finding a breathing space in a world that is always on and never off. Opportunity to disconnect and renew your mind can be rare and sporadic, trips such as ‘Get Lost’ help you to disconnect and engage in the moment.

Pursuit of purity

When it comes to finding breathing space, travelers do not just mean metaphorically.

80% of the global population lives under light-polluted skies. Taking time outside of densely populated areas to enjoy some breathing room is likely to be a growing movement, especially with research finding 34% of people want nature and outdoor activities on their holiday.

Luxury travel experts have seen an appetite for experiences and destinations that help to achieve calmness, clean air and nature unbound.


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