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The Sickness of Spiritual Ignorance

In a world spelled by the illusion of lack and scarcity, what will it take to shift our eyes to the unheard cries of the world’s forgotten mothers and children? How do we raise the awareness of the masses to empower the few? How do we incentivize the many to abstain from practices that exploit the meek and disadvantaged?

With the Year of the Wood Dragon heralding the Ascension of the Cosmic Serpent, the ascending consciousness of the Earth plane shall leave no secret hidden as we are guided to embody our highest intentions.

Upon the righteous and valiant, who unite resiliently in the face of deceptive illusions, the strength and wisdom shall be bestowed to walk the Earth as immortals, as, through our sense of service, celestial denomination is rewarded. For it is the role of every enlightened soul to awaken the world to the power we each wield as we unsheathe our cosmic swords.

“Trafficking in persons is a vile crime that feeds on inequalities, instability and conflict. Human traffickers profit from peoples’ hopes and despair. They prey on the vulnerable and rob them of their fundamental rights. Children and young people, migrants and refugees are especially susceptible. Women and girls are targeted again and again. We see brutal sexual exploitation, including involuntary prostitution, forced marriage and sexual slavery. We see the appalling trade in human organs. Human trafficking takes many forms and knows no borders. Human traffickers too often operate with impunity, with their crimes receiving not nearly enough attention. This must change. The rights of victims must come first - be they the victims of traffickers, smugglers, or of modern forms of slavery or exploitation.”

- Antonio Guterrez, Secretary General of the United Nations


Within us all lies a desire to remain young, vibrant, strong and fertile; relevant. Yet, the lifestyles in many developed nations directly contradict the fundamental values of an enlightened existence; that is, the collective alignment with spirit that charges our cells with divine life force as we evolve through embodied higher purpose.

For this reason, artificial means for sustaining desirable qualities in life are highly sought and valued, particularly by those whose lack of spiritual determination diminishes the radiantly attractive and magnetizing qualities of their divine emanation.

Found within nearly every tissue of the body, stem cells are considered immortal: they do not age, can proliferate indefinitely, and can form into any tissue of the organism. For this reason, the Global Stem Cell Market, valued at $12.9BN in 2022, is expected to reach $46.7BN by 2032.

If stem cells have the potential to remain immortal, the underlying fundamental question for scientific researchers and lifestyle gurus is how to retain optimal service of stem cells so that the cells maintain their immortal function: their renewal ability and potential to differentiate into various cell types.

Recent scientific experiments have demonstrated that old stem cells, removed from the original donor environment, and placed into a younger environment, were rejuvenated with their optimal functioning restored.

Further investigations revealed a direct positive correlation between stem cell health and the lymphatic system. Lymphatic capillaries are highly permeable micro-vessels that branch throughout the body and are responsible for draining and processing extracellular fluid and macromolecules out of tissues. Hence, stem cells thrive in a clean environment.

Furthermore, the lymphatic system is closely related to the endocrine system that complements the nervous system. Both the lymphatic and endocrine system contribute to the immune system, ensuring homeostasis in the body. The thymus gland, which is connected to the Heart Chakra, is vital to all three systems as it uses blood stem cells to develop cancer fighting T-cells and harmonizes the nervous systems that instruct the endocrine system.

Similar to the nervous system, the endocrine system is an informational signal system. While the nervous system uses neurotransmitters to conduct information, the endocrine system regulates the body’s internal environment by secreting hormones directly into bloodstream.

Understanding now that the epigenome determines our DNA expression and that our nervous system perceptions affect our genome, it is clear that our relationship to the environment, our sense for existence, determines our lifespan. Hence, the keys to immortality lie in awakening the spiritual heart, the Buddhist Bodhicitta, the emperor of our emotional systems.


“Dharma is the rhythm of the Universe. Dharma is the very foundation of creation that harmoniously integrates our body. Dharma allows us to awaken our dormant abilities to be of service to all those around us.”

- Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

It is widely accepted across the world that living with purpose directly correlates with youthful longevity. For decades, scientists have studied the electrical currents associated with animals’ ability to regenerate limbs. The body can be viewed as a battery that creates its own micro-current. The greater the current, the more complete the generation.

In fact, the electromagnetic fields of cosmic subtle energies generated by the underlying micro-circuitry may themselves provide the divine blueprint according to which the body and its cells, tissues and organs self-organize. Through dharma, the path of righteousness, we activate these cosmic energetic seeds within the body that lie along the spine. Each blossoming chakra lotus directly corresponds to both the endocrine and neurological systems. Once activated, the chakra system distributes vital cosmic forces through the body by the endocrine glands, while also reversing negative perceptions, traumas, that are stored in the nervous system.

Karma, including ancestral and planetary distress, is stored in the DNA and through the healing process becomes a source for cosmic flow. The eons of planetary suffering the Earth and her kingdoms have endured, are stored within each and every one of us, and serve as the fertilizer for spiritual growth, as we ascend as enlightened beings.

As the cosmic life force, known as Kundalini Shakti, is raised up the spine, both the nervous system and the organ systems are purified of toxic energies supporting for the rebirthing of the body’s natural enlightened functioning, and the resulting emergence of a supreme spiritual reality.

A siddha, one who is perfected in Dharma, has fully activated her epigenetic genome through the cosmic magnetization of her spiritual DNA and as a result displays supernatural powers to be used in service of Universal Peace and Cosmic Harmony. Once the human vessel has been cleansed and perfected for service, it is now prepared to liberate the world from the darkness of spiritual ignorance.

Through the will to serve the Kingdom of the Universal Heart, conditioned limiting beliefs are unraveled as the veil between higher spiritual realities of existence is dissolved.


Whether or not you believe in your spiritual potential, all sentient beings are increasingly affected by the Universal Cosmic Laws and the rising magnetism of the planetary systems currently birthing our planet and her inhabitants into a higher dimensional plane of existence.

With almost $16 trillion in personal consumption expenditures, the United States is the world’s largest consumer market. While the United States is among the wealthiest nations in the world, it is far from the healthiest. According to a recent Commonwealth report, the U.S.:

Spends more on health care as a share of the economy — nearly twice as much as the average OECD country — yet has the lowest life expectancy and highest suicide rates among the 11 nations,

Has the highest chronic disease burden and an obesity rate that is two times higher than the OECD average,

Has among the highest number of hospitalizations from preventable causes and the highest rate of avoidable deaths

According to the CDC, six of 10 Americans live with at least one chronic illness. Reported by the United Health Foundation, the eight chronic conditions that have reached the highest prevalence in the report’s history include: arthritis, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), chronic kidney disease (CKD), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), depression and diabetes.

Despite an abundance of wealth and technological resources, the average American lacks the imagination, discipline, determination, devotion and patience to harness the cosmic energy available to all sentient beings to regenerate and heal from spiritual disease.

According to UNICEF, human trafficking is a $150 billion industry, and is the second most profitable illegal industry in the U.S, second only to the drug trade. The Global Financial Integrity (GFI) estimates that 10 percent of all organ transplants including the lungs, heart and liver, are done via trafficked organs. Based on WHO estimates, the most prominent organs that are traded illicitly are kidneys, with 10,000 kidneys traded on the black market worldwide annually, or more than one every hour.


Without an inner sense to drive the purpose of one’s existence, humanity’s collective spirit is spent in distractive past-times that drive toxic behaviors, blind aggression and the perversion of sexual creative energy.

According to the UN and International Labor Organization, there are 49.6 million people in modern slavery worldwide and 35 percent of them are children. Sex trafficking is the most common type of trafficking in the U.S. There were 88 million child sexual abuse material files reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children tip line in 2022. Furthermore, child sex trafficking has been reported in all 50 U.S. states.

Every year, America’s favorite pastime sport, the National Football League, which generated $18.6BN in revenue in 2022, makes a donation, along with the Super Bowl Host Committee, to a non-profit that fights human trafficking. According to a 2017 Senate report, some 1.5 million people in the United States are victims of trafficking, mostly for sexual exploitation, and the majority are children. The Superbowl, in its host city, every year, increases this energetic demand with girls being trafficked from as far away as Hawaii to hook up with clients via the Internet, hotels and strip clubs.

National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month is every January, intentionally aligning with the spotlight that the Super Bowl shines on the issue. The emphasis on education and awareness is a welcome beacon of light on a problem that thrives in the darkness. This attention must also translate to action.

Former football player, Tim Tebow – whose foundation focuses on Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation, Orphan Care & Prevention, Profound Medical Needs, and Special Needs Ministry – in March 2024, urged members of Congress on Wednesday to dedicate greater resources toward finding and rescuing victims of child sexual exploitation.

Tebow attested, “I’ve had the privilege of playing for a lot of sports teams in my life. And on almost all of them, we’ve had incredible resources to give us a better chance at winning a game, something that ultimately, as much as we care about it, doesn’t matter. Why would we not give as much, if not more resources, to the front-line heroes that are going after the most vulnerable boys and girls on the planet? … If all we do today is speak, all I do is speak, I also missed the mark. We have to do more than just talk about it. We have to act on it and be about it.”

The sexual creative energy, located in the sacral chakra, svadhisthana, is the most potent source energy. However, with the majority of humanity operating unconsciously, this energy becomes pent up in the lower chakras, rather than rising alchemically for the potential for immortality. Furthermore, this energy is then fed off, demonically, through our children who are vulnerable and helpless in a world that has been blinded by our potential to serve and numbed of our sense of responsibility to protect the innocent.

With the planetary shift rapidly gaining momentum leading to a critical mass bifurcation, or dimensional split, we must each realize the power as it relates to integrity and accountability in every decision we make. As the planetary magnetism rises, every decision holds a karmic impression upon our individual spiritual evolution, including wealth, health and success.


Raising the Kundalini serpent provides more than a chance at pursuing immortality but an ever-heightening sense of planetary responsibility to honor the cosmic Shakti, the Divine Feminine life force energy that propels all sentient life into existence. As our Shakti energy increases so does our cellular magnetism and spiritual awareness.

In addition to becoming more sensitive, empaths are growing exponentially more powerful as the inner sun expands through the Heart Chakra, magnetizing our DNA for service to the inner Kingdom. As our awareness grows, our only choice is to liberate the cosmic flow as vessels of service to the divine.

Every empath is forged through pain, and it is the fire of the Kundalini Shakti energy that alchemizes the darkness within to empower the genetic and psychological transformation necessary to answer the beaconing call of our Mother Earth’s heartbeat to serve Universal Peace and Cosmic Harmony. Through the healing of one’s pain, spiritual abilities emerge to serve the restructuring of planetary systems. Lifted out of the shadows of despair, isolation and disempowerment, these New Earth leaders hold the keys to the evolution of our collective DNA.

Ignoring the inner call results in greater energetic distortion, mental health imbalance and other energetic organ diseases. Recognizing planetary suffering as a necessary catalyst to drive humanity through an inner metamorphosis alleviates the stress of blame and disempowerment.

As we come together within families, communities and organizations through the power of sacred prayer and ancient energizing exercises, we dissolve the collective distortion that lowers our resonance and spiritual abilities. As we unite, we enhance the genetic resonance that not only improves our health, fuels our strength, but also empowers our higher intelligence to serve as we are ready through whatever powers are innate to our incarnation.


Our true power is only limited to our imagination, which expands through action. As we fully step into our heart’s calling, our cells react, and our cosmic channels guide us through the process of emergence as our lower self-identity gradually morphs into the divine being that we have always been.

Steps that we can take to birth our inner light and implement our vision for Universal Peace and Cosmic Harmony, include:

  • Investigate global issues that call to you

  • Actively volunteer with a local mission-oriented nonprofit

  • Unite with neighbors to create safe environments

  • Create an active dialogue that fuels empowered transformation

  • Divorce from financially supporting corporations that enable human trafficking

  • Invoke your personal Kundalini Shakti energy

  • Love, nourish, respect and honor yourself, and all life

  • Express your higher self through compassionate, creative activities

  • Hold space for those in need

  • Engage in spiritual education and ancient wisdom practices

On May 27, I will be holding the first Rainbow Warrior – Vedic Ascension webinar with high priestess Aelita Leto to support those ready to clear the path to their celestial purpose and receive the cosmic power to ascend to higher planes of existence by servicing Divine Mother’s plan for collective coexistence across her Galactic Kingdoms. See for more information.

By delivering healing upon this Earth, you realize your true worth, unraveling the golden strands of your divine existence, transforming the darkness within and without empowering your most sacred mission on Earth and beyond.


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