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Tom Ford: Casual & Effortless

At a moment of real uncertainty in America and around the world, designer Tom Ford offered a meditative message rather than one of opulence. Knowing how to read the temperature on a thermometer correctly and time what the fashion should be to correspond to the current times is certainly an insight and skill of its own. 

“A still casual world but one where I actually felt like making a bit of an effort to get dressed, and I noticed that our guests seemed to feel that way too. Caftans – yes, I live in L.A. – or simple dresses and flat shoes, but at least it was a start. Men, too, seemed to want to put on a clean shirt, a nicely cut pair of pants and to actually wash their hair. There was a light at the end of the tunnel. Or at least an imaginary light: the hope of a happier time to come,” Ford said.

He continued, “That is what this collection is for me: the hope of a happier time. Still a somewhat casual moment as it relates to fashion but at a time in which we need clothes that make us smile. Clothes that make us feel good.” This collection of new spring clothes included most of his sexy and skinny fitted signature clothes over the years done in zebra fabrics, leopard prints and a range of very vivid colors floral prints for jacket, knee-length dress and, of course, those fabulous caftans and easy evening gowns. 

I cannot think of any man who would not want to wear Tom Ford.  Tailoring has always been a Ford forte – in fact, his first menswear collection launched for fall 2008 was about strict tailoring; not just for suiting, but also for the sportswear clothes: an ice blue quilted hooded leather biker jacket or the light pink perforated leather blouson fits like a glove on anybody and both the light pink linen suit with drawstring pants and the brown large lapel silk wool single-breasted relax fit is simply the perfect spring suit. The silhouette was slim at the waist with a cropped floral jacket and straight-leg floral pants. Sure, the floral motif prints worked better in the men’s clothes than their women’s counterparts in green or pink. It is never easy to make a guy looked sensual and sexy in clothes without being overt. 


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