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Vernissage: Art & Autos - Connecting Youthful Talent with Art Enthusiasts

While New York City has come back to life, its art scene has also continued to blossom with a need for cultural and philanthropic community reinvestment. First City Project, which is a Glen Cove, N.Y., based organization originally launched in 2017 focuses itself as a catalyst for cultural energy.

Curating select, one-off events and series to showcase the work of artists helps for the continued success and promotion of their work in a public way. This mission, which speaks into the minds and hearts of many, is a great way to reinvest and cultivate the talents of our youth and celebrate art.

While the First City Project continues to further invigorate the community through exposure, they broaden their approach to keep the message alive, utilizing collaborative partnerships and unique forums to strengthen their mission. Their recent partnership with RXR Realty and Martino Auto Concepts has led them to host this unique indoor-outdoor installation called Art & Automobiles where patrons took a self-guided tour through the 10,000 square foot space, discovering something new at every turn.

Taking place in the downtown area of Village Square located in Glen Cove, this combination of exotic and unique cars and works of art highlighted new artistic mediums which encourages the ever-growing spirit of creativity that thrives alongside the neighborhood’s traditional values. Visitors of the installation enjoyed colorful exotics from Manhattan Motorcars, Lamborghini of Manhattan, Ferrari of Long Island, Ryan Friedman Motorcars, Ferrari Club of America Empire State Region, Rally Point East and Race the North.

Intertwined among the displays were pop-ups from select artists with a myriad of inspired automotive art, including “Art Hoods,” paintings that truly utilize the front hoods from vehicles as the canvas by various artists. In addition, Dean Adams - motorsports oil painter, multi-medium artist Sebastian Ferreira, and sculptures and artifacts created by Restoration Oak, Tristan Roland and Yasue Maetake were highlighted.

Soojin Kim, who is a managing partner and VP of First City Project Collective, Inc. said, “Organizing an event like this truly allows me the freedom to do what I love and focus on several of my favorite passions – art and cars – while knowing that I’ve done my best to make a difference for the community.”

Joe LaPadula, owner of Martino Auto Concepts and founder of First City Project has been actively involved in charity work for over a decade, including one of the nation’s largest one-day Toys for Tots drive and Gold Coast Concours benefiting the Diabetes Research Institute. Together, the team has future proposed projects that are aimed to include live art events, mural design, youth programs, art themed boutiques, pop-ups and artisanal food events all which will help neighborhood identity, strengthen economic development and tourism while educating youth and enriching the spirit and pride of Glen Cove.



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