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We’re Ready for you, Tuatara

When it comes to being a “leader in class”, many strive to achieve, but few actually rise to the occasion. When SSC set out to design and further produce what they hoped to be a record-breaking hyper-car nearly a decade ago, no one could have imagined that the outcome would have been…well, so sexy.

The Tuatara is a 1,750-horsepower culmination of research and development that has led to a high-performing vehicle capable of delivering an otherworldly driving experience. Designed by Jason Castriota, who has been notably accredited for his long-time automotive designs, the SSC’s design emulates Castriota’s brilliance as the body shape and aerodynamics take notes of influence from that of fighter jets. The goal of its presence was to create a bond between futuristic and function, hitting hard on a striking design. It, unto itself, screams “Limitless.”

Showcased at the first client reveal event presented by Manhattan Motor Cars the 2020 Tuatara had both mouths dropping and palms sweating. The handpicked crowd of select buyers, influencers and enthusiasts entered to see the Pearlescent Black aerospace-grade carbon body (which left them speechless). At the same time, both Castriota and Manhattan Motor Cars Owner, Brian Miller highlighted the vehicle’s features to guests.

The Tuatara starts at $1,625,000. However, it can potentially reach closer to just under $2 million, especially when fully equipped and including the must-have High Downforce Track Pack. True adrenaline junkies smirked amongst the crowd as they heard Tuatara's body also features an active rear wing which lowers as the car's speed increases. 

“Not only does the car boast a class-leading 0.279 drag co-efficient,” explained Castriota, “but it also maintains an identical aero balance from 100 mph to well over 300 mph.”

Under the hood, which is rear-positioned, the Tuatara features a V8 Nelson Racing Engine. Industry-wide, Nelson is known for high-output performance, and, in this case, it goes without saying that Nelson makes an obvious choice given that SSC has their eye on achieving hyper-car speed history by aiming to break the 300-mph mark for a production vehicle. The 5.9-liter block was built from the ground up and uses a flat-plane crankshaft for reduced rotating mass, making it atypically rev-happy for a V8 of its size. Redline can be found at 8,800 rpm, where the Tuatara produces its peak power of 1,350 horsepower on 91-octane gas. SSC North America CEO Jerod Shelby set out to build this car so fine-tuned that his goal was to incorporate track-level handling, dynamic drivability and extreme horsepower. The Tuatara’s industry-leading engineering is now set to make history.

Manhattan Motor Cars is SSC’s official U.S. Northeast represented dealer, to which they are also known for their prestige brand portfolio from the likes of Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Koenigsegg, Rimac, Glickenhaus, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche and now SSC. The dealership, which prides itself on true one-of-a-kind cars, is no stranger to showcasing both new and vintage collectible autos with price points around that of Tuatara - to even quadruple it. Their detailed curation of inventory continues to uphold such strong respect and reputation as a purveyor in the industry. SSC is a welcome addition to their collection, and the Tuatara is undoubtedly a sight to be seen with your own eyes, and if you are especially lucky, they’ll start it and give your ears something to remember for days, and, possibly for weeks.  


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