Why I’m Eating My Way Through Lockdown, and Why You Should be Too

Worried about lockdown love handles? Intuitive eating may be the kinder way of shrinking them

With summer fast approaching, magazine articles are encouraging us to get our bodies back, while giving tips on how to lose those extra lockdown pounds.

Despite my job as a nutritionist, I am here to tell you that there is no place for denial right now, and we should all stop worrying.

During lockdown, food has had acute focus. I am currently enjoying the pleasure of new season peas-in-the-pod and English berries; the kindness of being included on a weekly challah rota and my favorite falafel shop delivering hot falafel to our door. We’ve eaten cookies, cakes and bread from yet another “maths” class — I’ve also never spent so much time in the kitchen.

With three ravenous boys and a constantly hungry husband, I have morphed into a balaboosta, endlessly cooking and doling out snacks. And in turn, this has increased my eating – it is hard to resist warm just-baked pita or the last few chips from my kids’ plates.

As someone who has always been controlled with my eating, I have turned to food to cope with the stress and boredom and predictably, have gained a few pounds. This extra weight wouldn’t even show to others, but I can tell, and I have struggled with my feelings towards it. So, I’ve recently been trying to make some changes that may seem unexpected.