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Be Winter-Wonderland Ready

The centerpiece of the man’s winter wardrobe is, as always, the coat. For the neat, elegant and refined man, only a quality coat will do—one of high fashion, neutral, and made of wool in a weaving such as sparkling woolen, double woolen or woolen sprained.

The coat must be silky in appearance, with a soft texture, regular sewing, well done buttonholes, and a viscose, polyester, or silk lining. A fur-lined coat is extra chic. A perfect finish would be variations such as camel, ebony, navy blue, anthracite gray, shades of Bordeaux, green, and orange.

Models to choose:

-The Chesterfield

-The Cross-Buttoned Coat

-The Military Coat

-The Covert Coat

-Duffle Coat

The multifunctional parka is the winter piece offers warmth, waterproofness, length and lightness without harming elegance. A fur hood gives it a certain charm, especially with snow polo competitions coming up.

An ideal choice, the trench coat is one of the most formal winter pieces—think of the iconic camel Burberry. The trench coat perfectly exudes “chic” without overdosing on it. Generally woven in cotton, the trench protects against the wind and rain. For maximum comfort and warmth, do not hesitate to add another piece of winter clothing to your stylish trench.

Sleek and minimalist, the mackintosh is made of cotton and wool, and is a more elegant choice of trench coats.

A staple of the male wardrobe, the chino is a light, comfortable and elegant cotton pant. Of military origin, the chino offers maximum comfort for the winter and its sober colors keep fashion faux pas at bay.

What is more classic than a beautiful sweater? A warm sweater stays elegant without overdoing it, and the options are endless: wool, especially Merino wool; cashmere; yak wool; angora; alpaca; and even vicuna, an even more refined and luxurious sweater, soft with amazing insulating power.

The cardigan is also an excellent choice to complete your winter wardrobe. Another faithful option is the jacket—quilted, bomber, leather or Aspesi jackets are all fashionable.

Do not neglect the accessories: select neutral and classic gloves, scarves and hats.

Tis the season to afford luxury comfort and be at the height of wearing the most beautiful brands.


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