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WOMEN+POWER 2023: Marianne Williamson

In her October 2015 lecture to Harvard Divinity School, Marianne Williamson, Democratic candidate for the 2024 Democratic Party presidential campaign, delivers a vision of a government that “is meant to serve as a brokering agent, between the protection of individual liberty, on one hand, and the concern for the common good, on the other.” As a voice of truth, sparking an avalanche of awakenings, Williamson’s life mission reminds the people of our power to re-imagine our state of existence and our ability to invoke our calling to serve the flow of peace as we transform the energetics of our legislation to serve our highest collective co-existence.

As an advocate for peace and non-violence through the divine, transformative power of spiritual alchemy, Williamson calls for “a holistic perspective on our politics, just as we developed a holistic perspective in the healing of the body, that allopathic measures, alone, will not work. We need to bring in the healing agents of the mind, the body and the spirit.”

With seventy percent of adults reporting a lack of trust in the government’s sentience for its people, sixty-four percent reporting that they feel their rights are under attack, and forty-five percent claiming that they do not feel protected by the laws in the United States, according to a 2022 Stress in America report by the American Psychological Association, Williamson serves as an advocate for the multi-faceted soul of a nation whose people are in need of hope and a government that supports the alignment of our economics with our collective spirit and pursuit of self-realization.

There is no doubt that the structure of our society has become a cancer upon the people, and with a forty-year career of inspiring and empowering individuals to realize their potential in overcoming the yoke of oppression, Williamson has a demonstrable mastery of the spiritual faculties of the mind to facilitate personal and systems transformation. Shae states: “In the Jewish tradition, it is said that every generation must rediscover God for itself. That is true, as well, with American democracy. You cannot bequeath exceptionalism. You cannot bequeath the spirit of democracy; every generation must embody it for itself.”

A fearless advocate for truth, Williamson compels every age group to remember their power, stating: “what is interesting, now, is that we are getting to be older, and we are thinking about our deathbed, and what we’re going to think on the last day of our lives. I don’t think I am the only one for whom the thought that I might die, knowing that I let the fuckers get to me, is actually worse than that the thought that they might kill me if I stand up to them. And there’s a lot of social force in that – the idea knowing that you might die knowing you didn’t really do what you came here to do. That thought is more horrifying than the idea that you might be killed if you do.”

With a plan to heal the hopelessness of underrepresented demographics, Williamson is fully aware of the transformative power of love to not only heal, but to reverse our sails as veer toward the edge of our own civilization. “If you are looking at the world, today, and not grieving, then you’re not looking. But the reason spirituality matters is because spirituality gives you a context for rejoicing in the infinite possibilities…when you are centered in rejoicing of possibility, because, in whatever way you say it, God is great, and whatever way you say it, there is no order of difficulty in miracles, then you, not only have the endurance and the patience, because a revolution, and that’s what we need now, is a spiritual and political revolution … is a very serious business.”


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