Saturn: The Planet Most Feared

“If you’re going through Hell, then keep going!” – Winston Churchill

Traditional astrology is the study of a “natal chart,” which posits that the exact date and time of our coming into existence has a profound influence on all of the significant events in our life story. These events are predictable during periods of our lives in the eyes of astrology—although not through exact dates—and if we study the movement of our signs (or stars) as they transit the planets, we can navigate through these life events with more ease and less panic. These occurrences can reflect favorable transits in our chart: a marriage, the birth of a child, a move to a foreign land or career prominence. In my two-part series on Saturn and the planets, I will explain the importance of the planets and their sphere of influence on our life events. For this column, I will spend my time focusing on the influence of Saturn. Known as the Great Teacher (or Punisher) it represents life’s most unpredictable and unpleasant changes and upheavals such as a sudden loss of a loved one, an illness, divorce, losing a job or financial insolvency. I will then explain the influence of the other planet’s, to give a more holistic explanation of the attributes of each one.

Saturn Return: The Party’s Over (not really!) Saturn is the planet that is the most feared because it is ultimately about taking responsibility for our success and failures. The events impacted by Saturn teach us about life through challenges, failures, renewal and rebirth. Rising from the ashes of our life disasters, and the wisdom acquired from that is the moral the planet teaches. Saturn transits into our house at a critical age, right at the end of our 20s to our early 30s. It is at this point where we begin to examine our lives to see what we truly want. Many of us will experience growing pains. The fun, frivolous season of our youth has passed, and we must cross the threshold into adulthood. This can manifest as major chaos in our lives. We might have feelings of inadequacy that cause us to question our existence.