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Liquid Opulence from Glenfiddich

Story by Josh Jakobitz / Photographs by Claire Barrett

Glenfiddich's Five-City Tour Promoting Grande Couronne

We waited a long time for a party like the five-city Grand Series Tour celebrating Glenfiddich’s Grande Courounne label – and no one could argue that we didn’t deserve it.

With that in mind, the stage was planned and set for a masquerade party the likes of which we hadn’t enjoyed in ages.

Think Marie Antoinette, towering florals, glimmering gold furniture and accents, a welcome team of stags – the iconic Glenfiddich silhouette – and tastings of the scotch whisky maker’s most exclusive offering yet.

Five lucky cities – Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Miami and Dallas – hosted the Grand Series Tour stops at some of the most luxurious addresses in town. Glenfiddich pulled out all of the stops and spared no detail for its first post-pandemic event – and we appreciated every moment of it. Personally selected VIP guests were invited to the brand’s masquerade ball, encouraged to dress our best and don a (masquerade) mask for the festivities. It was social- and selfie-heaven for those of us who hadn’t been invited to a Glenfiddich event in almost two years.

Everywhere we looked was an Instagramable moment: a vignette to capture, the perfect lighting and background. “Reactions (of party-goers) were so amazing,” said Director of Luxury North America for William Grant & Sons, Patricia Vasconcelos. “Everyone savored every inch of the space, city after city. The Tour happened at a moment in time like no other, and gave us all a reason to dress up and celebrate.”

Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador-East Coast Allan Roth noted that each of the five events were spectacular, but he particularly enjoyed the evening at the St. Regis in New York City.

“I was reminded of visiting Versailles when I walked in. Everyone brought their A-game for the masquerade, really following the theme with passion,” he said. “The feedback was that the indulgence that was promised was surpassed – many times over.”

It was the first time tasting Grande Couronne for most party-goers. Previously, tastings had been offered selectively by various brand ambassadors, limited to 10 or so at a time. By the time the five-city tour was completed, over 1,000 influencers, social media personalities, bar managers and bartenders had tasted the label’s most exclusive scotch whisky.

Glenfiddich’s Brand Ambassador-Midwest Kevin Canchola described his responsibility as “getting liquid to lips.” There are tons of misnomers about scotch whisky, he said. “Glenfiddich is so palatable and the Grande Couronne is so opulent. You really just have to taste it.”

Just five years ago, Glenfiddich was focusing its tastings in Irish pubs.

“This is a huge advancement into a luxury space for Glenfiddich,” said Dave Allardice, brand ambassador for the West Coast. “There are no stereotypes when it comes to the Grand Series. I believe that message was successful – when you look at the turnout from a city like Dallas, it just shows there’s a huge demand for a luxury scotch whisky.”


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