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Playful Arab Motifs for a Modern World

Unexpected Arab motifs, most of them hand-drawn elements, on sleek and sophisticated clutches and bags characterize the craft and imagination of Joud Shurrab, the young designer behind the brand Joudesign. “I had a passion for drawing and designing since I was a little girl,” she says. “I set a goal for myself to create and establish my own brand and my own line that reflect my personality. I set my vision and started working toward it.” Shurrab’s mother influenced and support her during the infancy of her brand. Later, professors and teachers lent the support she needed to establish her own brand, Joudesign. The result of that support is the Joudesign concept of fully customizable handbags, made according to customers’ request, completely personalized and unique to the individual. The concept is called “Ready to Wear Art.” Nearly 50,000 of her customer base follows her via social media, which plays a huge part in communication and also tracking global trends. Her customers call attention to themselves with the colorful hand-drawn motifs. “I want women to feel feminine, strong and unique (when they carry Joudesign),” says Shurrab. The brand is retailed in Jordan, Egypt, Dubai, Italy, and Lebanon in addition to her e-commerce. She presented her collection at Dubai Fashion Forward and an event for UNESCO Paris.

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