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The Rooftop Guide to Singapore

Singapore may have a famous skyline -- made even more recognizable by this month's blockbuster "Crazy Rich Asians" -- but it’s hard to distinguish the best rooftop restaurants in Singapore.

The city is so bright and vivid, so full of energy and countless forms of entertainment, shopping and dining venues, that is hard to simply choose one or two… or three or four. That’s why we’ve decided to bring to you a list of five fantastic places where you can indulge in traditional Asian cuisine or a fusion-driven dish or two. Polo Lifestyles’ contributor and The Rooftop Guide CEO Hans Ebenman’s top five choices for a dinner way up high in the Singapore sky follow.

ORGO ROOFTOP RESTAURANT Orgo is the crème de la crème of Singapore’s finest rooftop restaurants for exceptional dining. The ambient atmosphere is accompanied by an endless skyline of urban buildings that won’t leave you disappointed, especially over dinner. The nearby colossal skyscrapers look fantastic, reflecting the bright sun over Singapore during the day, and create a romantic, modern and picturesque atmosphere at night. Reserve your seat and enjoy the majestic Singapore skyline at dusk.

CE LA VI ROOFTOP RESTAURANT CE LA VI is known for both its playful and iconic name, and its impeccable menu of food and drinks. This modern mix of rooftop bar and restaurant in Singapore lights up the candle to a fairly intimate indulgence of fantastic dishes and beverages. The 360-degree skyline view is possibly one of the best choices to enjoy the sunset, while the comfortable furniture on the terrace is the best place to relax and absorb the excitement of one of the busiest districts in Asia.

AURA ROOFTOP RESTAURANT Elegant and modern multi-concept dining, located on the two top floors of Singapore National Gallery, Aura is indeed the perfect place to combine some of Singapore’s best culture with one of its finest dining options. Aura offers classic Italian cuisine to the views of downtown Singapore and Marina Bay Sands. Open for both lunch and dinner.

LAVO ITALIAN ROOFTOP RESTAURANT Atop the 57-story-tall Sands SkyPark, with amazing 180 degree views of Singapore, LAVO really is a rooftop restaurant with a view. Opened in 2018, this Italian-meets-American restaurant is Marina Bay Sands’ latest addition of fantastic and luxurious venues. Open daily for dinner and weekends for lunch, chef Ralph Scamardella and crew also present a Saturday Soirée once a week that redefines ‘Vibe Dining’. Dress neatly to feel right at home.

ARTEMIS GRILL ROOFTOP RESTAURANT This terrific rooftop restaurant in Singapore is a hidden gem in the crown of Asia, despite its great appetizers, wonderful wine list and highly professional service. Artemis Grill is a calm and rarely overcrowded place. A casual dress code and reservation at least a day earlier will do the work.

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