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Style & Sensibility

A hotel that delightfully intertwines fine craftsmanship, bespoke design, and historical allure in the heart of Cornwall.

Previously owned by a high-spirited salonniere, Lady Edith Carkeek, the Penventon Park Hotel has been no stranger to lively banter and general mirth. The Penventon has been opening its doors to titled families and influential community members since as early as the 19th century when Redruth was the “world center” of metal production. It has always been known for its social aspects and the essence of Lady Edith’s bustling soirées is still palpable throughout the manor today. With designer furnishings, an award-winning restaurant, and bespoke gin bar, the Penventon still entertains guests as vivaciously as Lady Edith, offering an escape from the ordinary.

Penventon’s history of extensive entertaining would not be complete without their commitment to creating a welcoming environment that radiates Georgian glamour. Each room, from the guest suites to the lounges and the ballroom, are individually decorated. There’s a great juxtaposition of original style antiques and contemporary flourishes that add to the stylish, yet relaxed, ambiance. They say it’s all in the details, so it’s no surprise that most of the wallpapers, cushions, and fabrics throughout the hotel are designer. Looking closely, you’ll notice the exquisite Lincrusta detailing in the wallpaper, adding a traditional British splendor that has stood the test of time. As you sit back and relax in the grand lounge, you’ll notice the carefully placed paisley print cushions, which were designed by none other than the incredible Ralph Lauren. His bold Canterbury red tones will follow you into the next room where you can retire for a glass of gin at the Copper Bar, which is a true work of art in and of itself. Perhaps the most noteworthy quality of the Penventon Park Hotel is its unique tribute to a bygone era. The idea of the Copper Bar was designed by the Penventon’s owner, Aaron Pascoe who wanted to pay homage to the local mining history. To bring his idea to life, he sought out the skill of the UK’s leading artisan coppersmith, Michael Johnson of The Copper Works in Newlyn. Although local to Cornwall, Michael’s work has been seen around the world.

Every aspect of the Copper Bar project was carefully and creatively planned out. The top of the bar is made from oak in the garden and the original flat copper sheets were hand beaten by Michael and his team to create a wave-like motion. Even the marble effect of the backlighting behind the gins interprets the same view the miners would have seen when the light reflected off the copper. Now the bar showcases Cornwall’s largest selection of gins with more than 160 from around the globe. There are other copper details to be found throughout the property. From the latest addition – the botanical inspired copper staircase – to an artisan steampunk lamp in the restaurant, the Penventon shies from conventional design in a way that thoughtfully embraces local heritage. The Penventon Park Hotel’s lingering sense of 19th-century grandeur still makes it one of Cornwall’s top destinations for discerning guests. From the first-class service to the lavish surroundings, no detail is overlooked. The Penventon is a true sensory delight especially for those with an appreciation for history and design. Both characterful and sophisticated, the Penventon Park Hotel acknowledges its rich past.

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