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Louis Vuitton Goes Green in NYC

In New York, green was an understatement. The city of iconic luxury was where Virgil Abloh brought a higher level of cultural aesthetic and detail into his designs for the Louis Vuitton Fall 2019 Collection. LV doesn’t skimp – even in the 98-degree New York heat. Guests waited impatiently to see the collection with bottles of chilled water on Abloh-designed trays. Entrance was limited to 20 people in the space at a time and to groups of just four. An associate, dripping in LV19, greets you and becomes your host as you are guided through the entirety of the activation. The associate explains key design cues and iconic collection pieces and where the heart-beat of each originated. They highlight pieces representing unity with rainbow enamel and leather motif. Other iconic pieces nod to Louis Vuitton design history, such as a beautifully styled cashmere-flannel overcoat featuring a stitched artisan-and-tool imagery panel that was found in the company archive. The collection also features a selection of sneakers that were amongst the most popular, coming in vivid colors like electric purple— they sold out almost immediately. I believe this collection captures Abloh’s true mission: make the clothing you want to see in the world and make the world you want to see in your clothing.

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