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83rd Abierto de Tortugas CC / 83rd Tortugas CC Open 2023

The second crown of the season is over! 

Photographs by Katerina Morgan

On Saturday, October 28 on court 7, the grand final of the 83rd Tortugas Country Club Open presented by TRS Hotels was played, in which the Emilio de Anchorena Cup was at stake.

The defending champion of the tournament, La Natividad, took revenge for the Hurlingham semifinal played in Palermo a few weeks ago, defeating La Hache La Roca  by 15 to 10 and thus establishing itself in Tortugas for the second consecutive year. 

It was a very hard-fought match, although La Natividad always seemed to lead the game with Camilo Castagnola - scorer in the final (9), the tournament (28) and so far in the 2023 Triple Crown (56) - unstoppable against the rival wickers , but committing many fouls in defense, which is why La Hache was always close on the board.

In the seventh quarter, the green and white team broke the game, took a 5-goal lead and ended up taking the victory and the title with justice. 


La Natividad won their second consecutive title in Tortugas, as did Jeta and Barto Castagnola -, while Facundo Pieres, who played the final for the 17th consecutive time, managed to reach his 11th title. 


With this new trophy, his No. 12th, Pablo MacDonough became the historical leader among the Tortugas winners, surpassing Alberto Pedro Heguy – and his teammate Facu Pieres – who obtained 11.


Camilo Castagnola received the Francisco E. Dorignac Cup for having been chosen as the MVP of the final, while on the equine side, Wickford Santa Ana , also played by Jeta, was chosen as the best by the AAP; while Lovelocks Drogba , ridden by Barto Castagnola, received the AACCP blanket for being distinguished as the Best Registered Player Product of the Argentine Polo Race.

In addition, the referee team took home a commemorative plaque and the historical banderilleros of the AAP, Gabriel Lencina and Julio Gutiérrez, received a medal for their work during the tournament.

This competition, the second link in the 2023 Triple Crown organized by the Argentine Polo Association, which began with the 130th Hurlingham Club Open, will then end with the 130th HSBC Argentine Polo Open that runs October 31 to December 2.

Teams and progression:

La Natividad:  Facundo Pieres 9 (2 goals), Camilo Castagnola 10 (9, one penalty and one corner), Pablo Mac Donough 10 (2) and Bartolomé Castagnola (h) 10 (2). Total: 39.

La Hache La Roca:  Pablo Pieres 9 (1), Hilario Ulloa 9 (4, one penalty), Guillermo Caset (h) 9 (1 Penalty 1) and Francisco Elizalde 9 (4 penalties). Total: 36.

The Nativity:  2-2, 4-3, 6-6, 8-7, 9-8, 11-9, 14-9 and 15-10.


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