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Home (Office) Sweet Home

A man’s home office has the potential to be the go-to spot in his house, but it needs the combination of the right decor and ambiance to fulfill it.

Here are a few essentials to make your office a space you don’t just work in, but want to hang out in, too.

First off, a bar cart with your favorite spirits is a must. After a long day of working from home (or the office), being able to pour yourself a glass of something and kick your feet up without leaving the room is a game-changer. A few bottles of whiskey, bourbon or scotch match the man-cave vibe, in my opinion. Well-aged bottles of wine and champagne also work if you prefer a lighter happy hour. And even if you don’t enjoy a drink every day, a stacked bar cart is great decoration that always catches the eye.

Stock up on some coffee table books that are both pleasant to look at and interesting to flip through. Coffee table books are a staple for any home, especially a man’s office. Choose some that align with your passions and interests, like “The Impossible Collection of Wine” and “The Impossible Collection of Cigars,” “A Man and His Watch,” or “Ultimate Collector Cars.” Luxury publishers Assouline and Taschen are great places to start to look for coffee table books that match your personality. Gucci and Tom Ford have published beautiful, hard-back volumes that add sartorial sophistication to your home office.

On the topic of coffee table books, normal-sized books are also great to fill the shelves of the room. They can be antique books, books you’ve read or even photo albums. A great gift for any man is a first-edition version of his favorite book. My dad has an original copy of “The Sun Also Rises” in his office, gifted to him by mom because they both love the novel (I’m named after Lady Brett Ashley).

An ashtray is also a nice touch for a man’s office. Whether you enjoy cigars or not, a designer ashtray adds a nice touch to any desk. You can use it solely for decorative purposes or utilize it as a place to keep Post-It notes, pens or anything else that fits. Another idea is to keep some matchboxes from different places you’ve traveled in the ashtray. This not only fits the theme but is a great conversation piece and reminds you of your past experiences.

With these staples in an office, any man is sure to love his space and want to spend as much time there as possible. Hopefully you found a smidge of inspiration here and there and can transfer it to your man cave this month.


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