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The Allure of Manipur

In November, the 11th International Polo World Cup returns to Imphal Polo Grounds in Manipur, India, home of polo’s origins, where the British first learned the sport from the Hindu Kingdom native sportsmen.

Imphal Polo Grounds are considered the oldest polo grounds known to mankind, in fact, "Manipur Gave the World the Game of Polo" is displayed on the sidelines of the Imphal Polo Grounds.

The opens 22 November 2017 and will be played on traditional Manipuri ponies from the region. Traditional festivities will accompany the highly anticipated polo matches during the eight-day tournament.

The Australian team will return to defend their 2016 title against other teams (confirmed at press time): Argentina and/or Argentina Army, Haiti, Morocco, and the United States. The Kenyan and England teams, who participated last year, were not confirmed at press time.

The 2017 World Cup in Manipur will be the Haiti Polo Team’s first appearance there. Team captain, Ambassador Claude-Alix Bertrand, and his teammates are gearing up for their opportunity to demonstrate their skills on the field. Bertrand and his teammates, who train in California, represent Bertrand’s native Haiti since 2014.

Mr. Inder Jit Singh of Tiger Paw Adventures India is named “liaison” to make arrangements for international teams and to further the image of the Manipur Cup on the global polo agenda. Mr. Singh’s adventure company will ensure that teams enjoy the natural beauty of the Indian sub continent.

The Manipur Horse Riding and Polo Association is active in protecting the Manipuri pony breed and also developing equestrian sports in polo’s homeland. They also spearhead humanitarian missions such as collecting clean water for the flood victims of the record July 2017 flooding in the region. For updates, visit the “Manipur Horse Riding and Polo Association” page on Facebook.

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