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Ghanaian cousins put the notch in your polo belt

polo belt

Sykes & Woodrow, founded by cousins Michael Sykes and William Wood in 2016, has emerged as one of Africa’s most unique fashion and lifestyle brands. Earlier this year, they collaborated with the Accra Polo Club in Ghana, one of Africa’s oldest polo clubs. Sykes & Woodrow supplied the club with a selection of the brand’s Classic Edition belt collection, which many of the club’s riders wear.

The cousins were inspired to create belts after a trip to a modest market in Rome, where they stumbled across a vendor selling scarves in a rainbow of woven colors. Sykes and Wood were stirred by the energetic colors and wanted to adapt a similar style with woven belts to introduce to the growing retail market in Africa and boutique stores in London. After a few late nights filled with pencil and digital drawings, Sykes & Woodrow was born, and now operates from both London and Accra. This cross-continent partnership combines the rich and vibrant colours of African culture and style with the European minimalistic aesthetic, producing a distinct and desirable limited edition woven belt collection.

The Sykes & Woodrow Colour Edition collection sold out within two months of launch, prompting them to design and add more luxurious textures to their range, including their new Polo Edition. The brand is ever evolving, with plans to expand beyond woven belts and design additional fashion essentials.

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