Autumn's Duality is Double-Trouble for our Bodies

Autumn, what a beautiful season and for many, it is a favorite season. The onset of fall makes trees wear all shades of orange, the fresh pumpkin into the food chain means pumpkin stews, desserts and coffees. Thanksgiving, Halloween and Diwali (and a hint of Christmas) are just around the corner.

Autumn is one of those double seasons when the hot arid summer weather is slowly leaving us, and the long cold dry winters are approaching. This amalgamation of arid, cold and dry makes autumn a peculiar season, and can completely throw our bodies off if we are not careful with our food and lifestyle habits.

Because of this, we see a spike in all kinds of infections, coughs, colds and cases of flu starting in September. From a scientific perspective, this double season creates an environment of warm days and cold nights, forcing us to follow lifestyles suited for the summer through the day and winters through the night. This duality completely confuses our body and our molecular systems.

How can we embrace the fall without burdening our bodies? The answer can be found in Ayurveda. As I discussed in my previous article, “Ayurvedic Tips to Handle Summer,” Ayurveda pays special attention to seasons and their impact on human health. Seasons are given extreme importance in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of life and medicine. An ayurvedic practitioner would recommend changing one’s lifestyle, diet and medicine in accordance with the seasons. Ayurvedic doshas govern our bodies and in autumn, as the weather gets colder, arid and drier, the dosha that dominates our bodies is Vata, which is governed by the elements of air and sky. Air and sky tend toward being cold, dry, arid and gas-inducing in nature.

To stay healthy, active and happy all through the autumn, let’s explore some quick Ayurvedic tips to keep in mind to make the most out of this season. 

1. Focus on a warm, rich, and nourishing diet: Autumn is the season to start to eat warming, nourishing food. In the summer, we switched to a diet that was light and cold in nature including salads, raw fruits, yogurt and smoothies to keep our bodies hydrated and cool. If you k