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Don't Lose Your Marbles

Have you ever said to yourself, “I feel burned out,” “work is stressing me out,” or something similar? Have you ever experienced guilt or anxiety because you were falling behind in school or work? You are not alone. There are certain responsibilities that we have as individuals that are necessary to be able to live. Whether it is work, school, exercising, taking your children to school or practice, life will find ways to keep you busy. Do these responsibilities need to be done? Absolutely. However, we cannot lose sight of the fact that our lives are precious. In fact, our lives are so precious that we only get one. Therefore, it is important to give bodies and our minds a break from the

(Don't) Trust Your Protein: Post-Workout for Fat Loss (part 3 of 3)

Exercise nutrition focuses on resistance training, protein ingestion and its effects on muscle protein synthesis. Muscle protein synthesis is the stimulation of muscular development and is best served with resistance training and protein ingestion working synergistically. The greatest effect of the two working in unison seems to come when protein is ingested immediately post-resistance training. Resistance training creates concentrated muscular contractions that heighten pathways, which send signals resulting in muscular growth and development. The quality of protein that is selected, along with the amounts, can heighten the significance of the synergistic effect. All protein is not cre

Phoenix/Scottsdale Rooftop Bars

The temperature in Phoenix is warm all year-round with highs around 40 degrees Celsius in summer. Daytime in the winter is still comfortable for Phoenix rooftops. This weather allows the rooftop bars in Phoenix to be open all year round. With the festivities of the Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships bringing us to Phoenix, we took the opportunity to check out a few hot-spots. Most of the rooftop bars of Phoenix have swimming pools and comfortable lounge furniture. If, like us, you enjoy the combination of luxury, party vibes and nice views, this is a great city to visit. Shade Lounge is a rooftop bar at the W Scottsdale. Decorated in Mediterranean style with white sofas and large wooden

Island Splendor: St. Regis Bahia Beach Puerto Rico

When the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort opened in late 2010, it (along with the Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve which opened about a year later) quickly became the standard bearer for luxury in Puerto Rico. Like many of the other grand dames hit by Hurricanes Irma and Maria last year, the iconic resort used its forced down-time as a chance to recharge and reboot, pouring $60 million into top-to-bottom repairs and renovations to ensure it, along with the rest of the island, could come back better than ever. And when it reopens on December 11, it will do just that: welcoming guests back to its two-mile stretch of golden sand beach with a completely updated look. The property’s revival wa

The Devil's Wine

It is safe to say that no other style of wine – no other beverage in modern history for that matter – is more associated with the celebration of the human spirit than champagne. From births to departures, whether down the street or across the river Styx, christenings of babies or ships before their first voyage, birthdays, weddings, graduations, nominations and, of course, the marking of a new year – bubbles have been there to add the sparkle to our journey through life. And it all started as a mistake, as a result of human ignorance; nature intervened and turned an error into a festivity. In the late 17th century, the monks of Champagne, who in those days often doubled as wine makers, want

The Black Sheep: Marie-Genevieve Morin

I can’t recall the last time I came across a piece that spoke so candidly to my soul that I felt it must have been made for me, and for me alone. Indeed, I can’t even recall the last time an artist left me so genuinely stunned by the sheer rawness, and emotionally charged nature of their work, that I remained in a trance for what was only a few minutes, but felt like a lifetime. The power of ‘Black Sheep’ by Haitian-Canadian artist, Marie-Genevieve Morin (known as M) lies in the fact that in some shape or form, and in varying capacities, we all identify with the black sheep. Amongst family, friends, colleagues, and society at large, although there are many traits, shared values, and interes

Art Basel: Modern Ken

December's Art Basel in Miami will debut "Modern Ken" an interactive art exhibit by NYC-based photographer Courtney Charles. Charles has created a sexy series that deconstructs various stereotypes. Ken features male models in plastic form, giving them the doll treatment and representing social media facades in a hyper-realistic style. Careful attention is given to Ken's joints (neck and shoulders) and observant viewers will see how Charles pays homage to the original dolls with visible joint lines. Also, as Ken dolls are nipple-less, so are Charles' male models. "With the Ken series, I hope to show that there isn’t just one common ideal of the modern man," Charles says. "Regardless of w

Soul Deep, Chapter 5: Sophie Wiseman-Floyd

When one meets Sophie, something unusual happens. Everything seems to move faster; some sort of inside-out Matrix effect occurs. When one meets Sophie, something enlightening happens. It becomes more obvious that exposure to different ways of thinking within dissimilar ecosystems cultivates altruism, creativity and spunk. When one meets Sophie, one gets a curious sense of wanderlust. One wants to know what it is like to exist inside of her microcosm. When one meets Sophie, one is overcome with the desire to do more, exude more and exist more fully. Sophie possess a breadth of traits that are difficult to sum up in concise paragraphs. Her light is bright, her story is captivat

Belle of the Ball

A gown is so much more that just a dress; it's a story, a memory, a dream, a statement. Now, as I mature in my corner of the fashion world, I have realized that the significance of a gown far surpasses sheath silhouettes and delicate details of hand-sewn appliqués. Dresses possess the ability to inspire and empower. Over the years, designs have changed and styles have progressed, but today’s evening gowns still pay homage to an era of opulence. To this day they reawaken every woman’s little girl fantasies to be the belle of the ball — no Prince Charming required. As we head into one of the most anticipated times of the year — holiday season — it’s the perfect excuse to start looking for that

Is Edward Enninful the next Anna Wintour?

He just took over British Vogue. Now he’s poised to be the most consequential fashion editor of his generation. Edward Enninful, the new editor-in-chief of British Vogue, is supremely confident in both his aesthetic beliefs and in his worldview. In short order, he has upended a century-old publication, transforming its masthead to be more reflective of the global audience it seeks to serve and crafting some of the most memorable, inspiring and diverse fashion covers of the past year. His work exudes authenticity. He’s made inclusiveness look organic and effortless. And he’s made fashion look glorious. Enninful began his fashion career as a model, an instrument for telling fashion stories. L

Polo Partying in Scottsdale

It’s called The Polo Party for a reason – and the enormous party tent “Riot House” complete with trendy lounge seating, Dom bottle service and rotating DJs situated immediately next to the entrance and at the end of the WestWorld polo field was my first clue this was going to be a rockin’ good weekend. Let me rephrase: There would be very little sleep for any of us – fans, sponsors, polo players, and organizers. From the opening night party given by Molina Fine Jewelers to the closing moments of Sunday’s showdown between Talking Stick Resort and Spiritual Gangsters, the pace matched the music: fast, loud and sometimes frantic. In order to throw a party of this magnitude, The Polo Party fou


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