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Building Resilience, Part III

While self-discipline helps fight off temptation and understanding your purpose provides clarity and meaning to your actions, what happens when you face adversity, extreme pressure, or stressful situations? Staying out of the mud is one thing; getting out of the mud once you are in it is another. To pick ourselves up from the dismay that adversity causes, we must develop resiliency. By combining resiliency with self-discipline and purpose, we can complete the puzzle and confront any situation with the utmost confidence. What is Resilience? Resilience is the process of adapting to adversity, threats, or significant sources of stress, such as family strife, relationship trouble, poor h

The Key to Burning Fat Isn't What You Think

In my previous columns, I covered information on various topics; but this piece is different. I am going to cut straight to the point and tell you that Fish oil is the key to fat loss and muscle growth. By the end of this short column, you will know what kind and how much to supplement. Fish oil provides essential fats, which are Omega-3 fatty acids. Much like essential amino acids, essential fats cannot be produced within the body and therefore must be consumed. The body uses fish oil’s fat to build up a lipid outer layer of the cell, which protects the cell. Therefore, the body does not turn fish oil into fat. The protective cell lipid layer, which is made up of whatever fat you eat, i

The Ripple Effect of Master Stone

I met the man in 1997, at the Rubicon restaurant in San Francisco. Oblivious of its reputation, I fortuitously landed a job as a bartender at the world-renowned, establishment which boasted one of the best and most diverse wine lists in the country at the time. Owned by a prominent New York restaurateur, Drew Nieporent and his celebrity investors and partners, Robert DeNiro, Francis Ford Coppola, and Robin Williams, the restaurant was the spot to go to and be seen in the Bay Area within its newly booming tech industry. Back then, I knew that Cabernet Sauvignon was a red grape variety and Riesling a white one. Beyond that, my wine knowledge was laughable. But I was a damn good bartender,

Artist Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey, Better Known in Shanghai than Paris, Thanks to Chinese Art Investors

Nothing in recent years has divided popular opinion amongst people of African descent more than China’s involvement on the African continent. Whilst some warmly welcome the sorely needed direct investment and China’s business-only approach, others have expressed their concern about the rise of a new colonial power cloaked in the attire of transparent and mutually beneficial partnership and trade. The jury is still out on whether China should be perceived as a friend to Africa or as a potential threat to her independence, but in the world of contemporary art, China’s increased involvement and patronage has been unanimously embraced, especially by contemporary African artists. Over the past

Hermes' Refusal to Change is its Most Radical Gesture Yet

The fashion house remains loyal to a way of life more common to Europe’s medieval guilds, dedicating itself to the idea of craftsmanship above all else. IF THERE IS a signifying gesture that contains nearly 200 years of obsession, it is the ballet of the point sellier. This is how it begins: The artisan is young, with a confidence that comes from years on the bench, her eyes focused on two small back-to-back precut pieces of leather. She holds in each hand a two-inch needle, threaded with linen fiber that she has dragged through beeswax to render waterproof. Then, wielding the needles like surgical instruments, she pierces the leather, pulling taut the threads to draw the halves together in

2019 Holiday Gift Guide by Polo Lifestyles

FOR HER Fusion Necklace by Hermes. A masterpiece in its own right. Titanium in 18k rose gold is elegantly intertwined and embellished with pave-set brown diamonds that total more than 100 carats. AQ. hermes.com Seamless Lotus Crystal Clutch by Judith Leiber Couture. Signature handset crystal novelty clutches are true works of art inspired by nature, art and culture. A convertible box clutch covered in vibrant crystals arranged to form exuberant motifs with a push-button clasp and gold-tone hardware. $3,995. Serpenti Seduttori 18K Yellow Gold & Diamond Bracelet Watch by Bulgari. Iconic drop shaped watch in polished 18K yellow gold with a diamond bezel and a stylized snake-pattern bracelet str

Forlorn Barn Gets New Life as Entertaining Oasis

From a basic barn re-imagined as a swank paneled library to a storybook stone cottage where suppers are held by candlelight, a rural Illinois estate brims with diminutive delights, thanks to designer Annie Brahler-Smith (ABS). How does a stable in Illinois end up resembling a tweedy gentleman›s club? ABS: Would you believe by accident? It happened while I was designing a series of outbuildings on the 40-acre property, which was purchased by a former professional baseball player and his wife. While they were mulling over how to redo the main house, I started designing some amazing auxiliary structures — a collector’s garage for his cars, a garden house, and a pool house with twin pergolas.

Tied with a Bow: Gift Wrapping, the Ultimate Present(ation)

From an early age, my appreciation for a beautifully wrapped gift was noticeable to all those in my household. I requested that all gifts be wrapped in the matching paper and ribbon that I selected. As children, around Christmastime, we view a wrapped present with more reverence than we do as adults. When it comes to gifts, this childlike sense of wonder remains with me. During the holidays and, especially at Christmastime, as children we obviously viewed a wrapped gift much differently than we do in adulthood. At a very early age, my appreciation for a beautifully wrapped gift was noticeably apparent to all those in my household. I requested that all gifts be wrapped in the matching pap

Super-Yachts: the Bigger, the Better

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – From October 30 to November 3, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat celebrated its 60th Anniversary, and one of the most anticipated shows ever. Held at the Bahia Mar Hotel and Yacht Club in Fort Lauderdale Beach, this show not only drew spectators and prospective owners from around world, but, this being the world’s largest in-water vessel show, comes along with other, more personal challenge – whose yacht is bigger, more luxurious and most expensive? Cruising their way across the Atlantic Ocean were a record number of world-class yachts, poised to splash onto the U.S. boating scene making their debut at this year’s show under the critical eyes of yachting afici

UAE National Day Cup

Five teams are set to compete in a week-long tournament held in honor of UAE’s 48th National Day. The opening match between Habtoor Polo and AM Polo teams began with a fast lead for Habtoor Polo ending the first chukker at 2-0. AM Polo showed a steady performance and took the lead at the end of the third chukker having 5 goals to 4. Both teams gunned for the win as alternate goals were scored during the final chukker. The last 90 seconds of the game almost assured a fifth chukker only to be settled by Tomy Iriarte as he delivered the winning goal for AM Polo team ending the match with 7 goals to 6. This Friday’s Polo Picnic was in full swing as guests watched the matches in picnic style

Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships 2019

The Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships: Horses & Horsepower, presented by Talking Stick Resort, wrapped up its 9th year with 11,139 attendees and another year of victorious teams, exciting upsets, event firsts and increased ticket revenues. The day kicked off with the U.S. Air Force Team defeating the U.S. Marines 5-3 in the General George S. Patton Tournament presented by Safeway Albertsons and Sanderson Lincoln. That was quickly followed by Molina’s Arizona Polo Club’s triumphant 12-6 upset over Talking Stick Resort Centtrip Wales Polo Team. The Camacho brothers, Felipe and Andres, along with Arizona Club president Diego Florez scored a record 12 goals for Arizona’s highest-ranked po


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