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Fight the Urge... What's Your Purpose? Part II

While practicing self-discipline can help you overcome challenges and resist temptation, it may not be the best course of action for those periods of self-doubt. When you reach a point at which you question your every move, your self-discipline may help you remain afloat, but it will become progressively more challenging to stay the course because you have lost the bigger picture. Therefore, it is important to understand your purpose. That way, you can discover your why – and stay the course! What is Purpose? Purpose is the reasoning for which something is done, and understanding it can increase your happiness, provide a sense of direction and boost your resiliency. Research demonstrat

Core! Not Abs!

Having a six-pack is arguably the most sought-after goal in the fitness industry today. Unfortunately, the mere thought of a ripped stomach leaves individuals falling short of properly training their midsection. The core is often thought of and referred to as “the abs.” In truth, abdominals only cover the front part of the stomach and makeup merely a portion of the core. The core is a combination of the abdominals, which cover the front part of the stomach; the obliques, which make up the sides; the paraspinals and gluteals, which are located in the back; the diaphragm, which makes up the roof; and the pelvic and hip girdle, which forms the bottom. Therefore, by definition, the core

Saturn: Part II

“Consider those who point out your faults your most benevolent Teachers.” -Lao Tzu, The Dao de Jing In last month’s column, I discussed the astrological event called Saturn Return, which affects most people right around their late 20s to early 30s. This time coincides with a threshold that most adults cross at this point in their lives , one when our ideas of who we are begin to take hold and life’s responsibilities and our needs for self-discipline become more pronounced. It’s no coincidence that this is also the time in our lives when both relationships and our careers become more prominent. All the planets play a role in creating the places in life where we arrive. These places come

The Art of Making Wine, part II

The harvest is finished, the last grapes are picked and hurriedly transported to the winery, and the vineyards are exasperated from months of labor and the burden of fruit-bearing. All the while, golden leafage begins to fall to the ground. It is time for the vines to rest and to slowly transition into the peaceful months of winter dormancy to recharge their vitality. But the wine maker's job is far from over, it is time to make some wine from the recently picked, loaded with flavor, grapes. The art of wine making is a complex and intricate process where nature’s magic, human ingenuity and knowledge, and some luck align perfectly. There is a precise sequence of steps to the basic operat

Some Are Born to Endless Night: Lina Iris Viktor

It is just after 2 p.m. on a miserable autumn afternoon in London’s east end when I rock up to Autograph ABP. I cannot help but laugh to myself in bemusement as I pass an endless stream of fellow Londoners seeking refuge under the awnings of local cafes and restaurants to escape the relentless beating of the rain. I laugh partially, of course, because, for me, it is London’s precariousness that makes her so faithful to those who know her well. Naturally, I am protected by the large canopy of my trusted brolly, which also allows me to marvel for a few minutes over the impressive architecture of Sir David Adjaye’s Rivington Place building. Despite my earlier triumph in predicting the likel

Can Philanthropy Save the Planet?

Fall is settling in for many of us, including here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. For much of the summer, I had dutifully kept my hummingbird feeders full, as well as other feeders with various seed, to accommodate and support the many feathered visitors that call our mountain community home. I learned from an early age to appreciate birds. My father, who just turned 93 and lives with me, has been an avid bird watcher his entire life. Nearly every day, he still grabs his binoculars and heads out to the back patio, watching, investigating, and, yes, frequently chirping or squawking, too. In early October, the non-governmental organization, National Audubon Society, released a new report, “Surv

Beyond Clothes: These Designs Light Up the Runway

When you hear about fashion week, don’t just go in expecting to see the newest collections from the big luxurious fashion houses or to be inspired by the new young designers showcasing their debut collections, instead be ready for a stop-em-in-their-tracks show. Chanel is one of those fashion houses that puts on a show whenever they present their collections. Under the vision of Karl Lagerfeld, who held the reins of this luxury brand until his death this year, every showcase has been a spectacle for the eyes and ears. Today, Chanel remains the most anticipated fashion show every season. It’s the hardest ticket to get your hands on to witness in person. But Chanel is not the only one.

Tara Gray: The Jeweler of Santa Barbara

In a sport that's been around for centuries, it's unusual to encounter something that hasn't already been tested, tried, proven or failed. We talk about tournament organization in regard to the three T's: title, team and trophy sponsors. Heritage clubs, in particular, aren't known for mixing up that veritable recipe for success. Why mess with what we know works? That's why I was pleasantly surprised to be introduced to Tara Gray by our mutual acquaintance Charles Ward, well-known to the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club members. Gray is the official jeweler of the Santa Barbara Club, but she's not a distributor of Audemars Piaget or Hublot, as the official jeweler of a polo club is gen

The Rooftop Guide to Cape Town

Cape Town! The financial and legislative centrum of South Africa. Here where the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans meet you will find this continent’s hot spot and a city full of party vibes. Western Cape Province is the most developed region and here you also find the award-winning wine-making industry. Don't miss a stop in Cape Town when you visit South Africa. It is a must. From a rooftop point of view, the city has multiple don’t-miss scenes. Cape Town has an international flavor that is reflected in the city’s rooftop bars and rooftop pool hangouts. Particularly if you plan on visiting Cape Town during the hot summer months (December to mid-March), a stop at a rooftop pool is key to enjo

African Polo Open: Distinctly African by Design

Styled as a series of events, in which the red carpet was rolled out across major luxury brands of South Africa, leading up to a day of rivalry polo, the organizers of the Africa Polo Open have re-imagined and rebranded this lauded event as distinctly African. Formerly known as the Prince of Wales Cup, the Africa Polo Open debuted its new name in 2018. Celebrated photographer Themba Mbuyisa shot the 2017, 2018 and 2019 campaigns that pay homage to indigenous people of South Africa. For 2019, the Basotho people of the southern block of Africa and their traditions, which include strong horsemanship were featured in the editorial promotion. Polo player Namayian Wanjiku Mutlhokia, who plays in

Norman Reedus Jumps Saddle

Because 10 years ago, Norman Reedus was scared of horses, he requested a minor adjustment for his role on AMC's The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead has featured a prominent couple over all 10 seasons: Daryl Dixon and his motorcycle. It’s a love so pure that not even the zombie apocalypse can keep these two apart for long. When actor Norman Reedus, who portrays Daryl Dixon, sat down with Conan O’Brien to discuss the love affair—he revealed that he was actually behind it. “I’m a huge fan of the show, and such an iconic part of your character is the motorcycle, and the bow—and then I find out that originally you were supposed to ride a horse,” O’Brien said. Reedus confirmed the fact and reveale

Horse-Human Connection: Horses Recognize Our Emotions

If you have ever owned or spent a lot of time riding with one particular horse, chances are high that you’ve felt some sort of special connection with them — and wondered if horses like, daresay love, humans? Maybe you’ve felt like they were actually your friend, or a part of your family and wanted to know if the feeling was reciprocal. Research is now confirming that this connection isn’t in your head — and anyone who has ever had a pet before, horse or not, definitely won’t be surprised at some of these recent findings. A new study shows that horses understand and remember human emotions, which makes them even more special than they already are. This is not the first time scientists have

Honoring an Icon: Quincy Jones Rolls Up in a Phantom

Held at the iconic Wolfgang Puck owned restaurant Spago in Beverly Hills, Forbes teamed up with Fueled by Culture, Rolls-Royce Beverly Hills, Hennessy and The MJS/Groupe to celebrate the work and life of the musical legend Quincy Jones. Arriving in a Rolls-Royce Phantom, Quincy entered the dinner to a standing ovation where he was honored among family, friends, and colleagues for his more than 60 years in the entertainment industry. A celebrated American record producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer and film and television producer, Quincy has worked with musical talents such as Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson and Celine Dion that lead him to hold a record 80 Gr

Tyler Perry Studios makes history in entertainment industry

Nobody and we mean nobody, throws a party like Tyler Perry. Hip Hollywood was in the house for the star-studded opening of his ground-breaking new Tyler Perry Studios. When Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams hit the carpet together, we thought interesting, then Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Lawson showed up just minutes later, and people began to dream the dream. Would there be a Destiny’s Child reunion? Think about it, an event this big, would have been the perfect time, and somebody like Tyler could pull it off. It all seemed so perfect, especially after Beyoncé and Jay-z popped up inside the party. It didn’t happen but just the possibility sent a buzz through the place. The night started


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