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Anaerobic or Aerobic Training for Burning Belly Fat

The best way to burn belly fat is through anaerobic high-intensity training (HIT). HIT consists of short and intense bouts of muscular contractions. HIT must be performed at a semi-large volume. However, the amount of work needed for HIT is significantly less and far more effective than aerobic exercise. Anaerobic interval training forces your body to burn fat to sustain high levels of intense training. Along with an extended energy burn 24 hours plus, post-workout (i.e. EPOC, which we will get into later), this metabolic adaptation makes anaerobic training the best belly fat burning method. A study done in 2008 highlighted that a six-week anaerobic training program decreased the oxidat

Authentic Communication: Being Assertive Part II

In 2017 the former CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, sent out a company-wide email to his employees on the topic of corporate bureaucracy titled “Communication within Tesla.” Musk, who is as much admired as he is criticized in the tech world for his visionary ideas, eccentricity and bold business style, went on to explain why communication hierarchy creates a toxic environment and impedes creativity. “Instead of a problem getting solved quickly, where a person in one department talks to a person in another department and makes the right thing happen, people are forced to talk to their manager who talks to their manager who talks to the manager in the other department who talks to someone on his team

Myanmar: Myth, lore and... wine?

I always wanted to visit Myanmar. I was a ferocious reader of travel non-fiction in my early adolescence; an affliction passed on to me by my father. World travel for regular people in communist Poland was unattainable for both political and economic reasons, so that was my way of satisfying my curiosity of the big, wide world. Myanmar—or Burma, as it was called until 1989—stuck out as a place of mystery, exotic culture and ethnic diversities. The recent history of Myanmar has been a tumultuously complicated one. It is a place where the struggle for democratic ideals has intermingled with military interference in governmental institutions and social life, leaving its political status vag

The Artistic Evolution of Tiffanie Delune

It’s an unusually sunny Sunday when I pull into the Sarah Lane studios in Hoxton, East London. Quiet, secluded and unassuming, the area on first impression makes for the ideal location for any recluse or artist to get away from the typical hustle and bustle of London’s East End. A council estate looms large and defiantly above the studio, perhaps one of the last few relics of an increasingly gentrified Hoxton, which has in recent years been heralded as the art district of East London. I find Tiffanie Delune waiting by the entrance of the studio, keys in one hand, and a rolled-up canvas underneath one arm. She cuts an angelic figure in an airy, white cotton dress with perforated detaili

Dubai defeats King Power, claims British Polo Open Championship

Two exciting semi-Finals between VS King Power and Park Place and Dubai and Scone Polo saw victories for Top Srivaddhanaprabha’s VS King Power team and Ali Albwardy’s Dubai taking them to Sunday’s Final. The two sides last met in a Gold Cup Final at Cowdray Park in 2014. VS King Power altered their line-up for the Final. Vichai’s son ‘Top’ Srivaddhanaprabha played at number 1 as usual, but Polito Pieres took the number 2 slot, Marcos di Paola moved up to 3 and Juan Martin Zubia played at Back. Dubai kept their line-up unchanged with 16-year-old Camilo Castagnola at 1, Rashid Albwardy at 2, Bartolomé Castagnola at 3 and Ignacio du Plessis at Back. Chukka 1 opened with Pieres immediately o

Louis Vuitton Goes Green in NYC

In New York, green was an understatement. The city of iconic luxury was where Virgil Abloh brought a higher level of cultural aesthetic and detail into his designs for the Louis Vuitton Fall 2019 Collection. LV doesn’t skimp – even in the 98-degree New York heat. Guests waited impatiently to see the collection with bottles of chilled water on Abloh-designed trays. Entrance was limited to 20 people in the space at a time and to groups of just four. An associate, dripping in LV19, greets you and becomes your host as you are guided through the entirety of the activation. The associate explains key design cues and iconic collection pieces and where the heart-beat of each originated. They h

Pair Neon & Animal Print this Season

Fall is undeniably the most fashionable season. Because we need to cover ourselves, we do it in style; we dress in dramatic outerwear in dark tones and colors, in fur and chic coats. That will never change. What is changing right now and what we noticed for this upcoming fall-winter season is the way we are advised to do fall. The biggest trends for fall 2019 invite us to try new ways to be stylish. Not only when it comes to color trends, but also, and perhaps most surprisingly, when it comes to traditional fabrics and textures that we normally use for winter. Animal print will never be the same after how it was presented in these fall collections. Of course, whenever we say fall, we see a

Letter from the Editor August 2019

I love the August issue. For the Western Hemisphere, it’s the middle of the summer season and there’s no shortage of polo to cover. For this month, we turned our attention high-quality, high-goal polo that’s matched equally with an over-the-top party (or two or three). Our top two contenders are, of course, the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in New York City and Sandpolo – British Beach Polo Championships in Dorset. The former is a one-day extravaganza of celebrities and champagne and the other is an entire weekend of polo, parties, celebrity matches, adapted rugby (on the sand), and DJs. Without knowing any of this, our resident lifestyles expert Kenneth Carrion de los Condes called me to pitc


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