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The Flair of Polak: Restorations for Discerning Buyers

Rudi Polak's "Grey Gardens" bursts with spa-blues and vibrant greens, open spaces and private oases “This is my 20th year restoring homes in Los Angeles, and my 21st project,” says Rudi Polak about his just-listed, latest project he calls Grey Gardens. “The house was in absolutely horrendous shape, but with great bones. We took it down to the structure and completely redid everything while maintaining its historical integrity.” The incredible renovation in Hancock Park is move-in ready. “We sell our remodels with everything – down to the silverware,” says Polak. “If the buyers want it, it’s theirs.” And that’s Polak’s ideal client: entrepreneurs, C-suiters, and bi-coastal business people who

A Season for Joy & Inner Peace

I love the holiday season. For me, it’s a time to decorate, celebrate, and reverberate all the good cheer. Images of Christmas icons playing in snowy winter lands, the festive look of holiday lights everywhere, sickly sweet pumpkin –flavored coffee drinks at my local Starbucks, and the nonstop (mostly awful) holiday tunes never fail to put me in a good mood. I also appreciate that this time of year elicits our compassion for the less fortunate, and inspires our natural inclination to give. The holiday season encourages us to do something good for others, give someone a much-needed break, or just be kind for no reason. Another reason I love the holiday season is that it emphasizes the need to

The Rooftop Guide: Buenos Aires

The Argentine polo season is underway, so Hans Ebenman of The Rooftop Guide rounded up four hopping rooftop bars you shouldn’t miss in Buenos Aires. Alvear Roof Bar Alvear Roof Bar is a luxurious rooftop bar in Buenos Aires with a fantastic panoramic view over the city. The roof bar is perched on the 11th floor of the Alvear Palace Hotel. The terrace is available for both hotel guests and open to the public. From the bar, you can order tasty snacks and modern cocktails. The décor is classic and luxurious and creates an inviting atmosphere for the guests. Service is top-notch and the skyline views of Buenos Aires will blow your mind. This is truly one of the best views of Buenos Aires you

History, Opulence & Hospitality: Indian Palaces turned Hotels

An insider’s guide into the top palace hotels in India, including the best for royal residences, opulent interiors, romantic settings, extravagant architecture, extensive gardens and refined Indian cuisine, in locations including Rajasthan, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur and Udaipur. Rambagh Palace Jaipur, Rajasthan, India This former hunting lodge and royal residence occupies a 47-acre plot just south of the city center. Given that the Maharaja of Jaipur once called this place home, it’s predictably opulent. Rooms, each with extraordinarily high ceilings, mahogany to spare, and packed with antiques, are arranged around a beautiful courtyard; there’s a croquet lawn, strutting peacocks, and fountain

Argentine Wine: Best Paris with Tango, Tapas, Borges, and Polo

“Romantically dramatic” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Argentina. Argentina is a country where deeply rooted colonial traditions and modernism butt heads. Immigration from European countries over the centuries contributed to the country’s cultural richness visible in daily life. Before and after its inception in 1825, the country experienced a tumultuous history of both social and political changes. Geographically, it offers an intensely diverse landscape with its endless pampas where the famous Argentinian cattle and horses graze, rugged Andes mountains with eternal snow caps, and the 5000 kilometer-long Eastern coastline which runs down South to the frigid waters of At

Take Better Phone Photos: 5 Tips for Harnessing the Power of the Camera Phone

How many times have you missed the perfect shot field-side or in a dark lounge because you fumbled the camera on your smart phone? Popular Mechanics is to the rescue this month in our technology section. Having tested the new iPhone XS, these tips for taking perfect phone photos will get you solidly positioned among friends and family during the holidays as the go-to amateur photographer of the group. You’re welcome. It’s not just that smart phone designers can pack fantastic image sensors and lenses into a device that fits in your pocket. Today’s powerhouse phones also lean on their computing prowess, relying on smart software tricks to deliver stunning photos. I still love standalone camer

Purpose. Passion. Paint.

It is said that “The eyes are the window to the soul.” They never lie, betray, or dismay; often revealing the depths of our identity that are undiscovered, and even unknown to us. As I stare into the eyes of Solomon Adufah’s ‘ Forbidden Knowledge’ portrait, I see beyond the young figure’s skin of black marble, emboldened by the emerald galactic backdrop and wild flora. I see something so ancient and prehistoric, that it seems to transcend time and space itself. Looking into these eyes; soft, yet strong, old, yet young, is like staring into the very soul of Africa. Solomon Adufah is far from your typical visual artist. Hailing from Odumasi, a small rural village in the Eastern region of G

Cite Soleil - Giving Back in the DNA

The name, Cité Soleil, is derived from the neighborhood, Cité Soleil, meaning Sun City, which is an extremely impoverished and densely populated commune located in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area in Haiti. The Cité Soleil logo is the same bird once featured on the Kingdom of Haiti flag used from 1811-1820. To pay homage to the homeland, Cité Soleil partnered with Project 4 Haiti to donate 10 percent of each sale to their trusted non-profit Haitian organization. These donations help improve the economy and the education system of Haiti. Cité Soleil’s 1.0 Collection consists of a black cotton t-shirt with 11 oz. Japanese denim bird logo on the front and an embroidery bird logo on the left

Is Style Genetic? Past Forward

Within the walls of the historic Georgian Manor, the rooms were filled with antiques telling stories of a bygone era. The back entrance faced a row of old coats - heavy and durable - constructed for the unpredictable Irish weather. Vintage hats and weathered saddles hung on the 18th-century walls while old riding boots sat at the edge of the old stone floors. When these items were first created, they weren’t meant to be the next fashion trend. They weren’t a creative outlet or a means of self-expression. Every hat, every boot, every coat played a key role in the daily doings of life in the rural countryside. They were all items created out of necessity and practicality. Today, fashion can be

Gold Medal for Mateo Coles at Youth Olympics

BUENOS AIRES - 16-year old equestrian Mateo Coles became the first Haitian to win a gold medal in the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires in October, and like many equestrians, he is an emerging champion from a family with a rich history of equestrian success in their blood. But unlike the famous equestrian families of Argentina and Wellington, the Coles story isn’t well-known; not even Mateo was aware of the history and his connection to another present-day equestrian, Ambassador Claude-Alix Bertrand. Bertrand, a former USPA player and current captain of Haiti Polo Team, reached out to Mateo last year after an exceptional performance in Florida. Mateo knew of Bertrand as the only Haitian profe

Behind the Scenes: Jeff Brown the Maestro of the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic for Nine Years

The iconic yellow tulip cups instantly identify one of the world’s most recognized premier champagne houses. The lettering in the hills above Will Rogers Polo Club that spell out V-E-U-V-E C-L-I-C-Q-U-O-T is quintessentially Hollywood. The crowd of 7,000 plus is fashionable, young, and flush with cash – and they’ve come in droves to sip champagne, to be photographed by any one of the 16 major media outlets covering the event, and to watch one of the most famous polo players in the world. Over the course of the day’s schedule, they will consume countless bottles of chilled champagne served by a bar staff of 132, assisted by 75 more waiters dressed in bow-ties and suspenders. It’s the ninth an

Give Back for Special Equestrians

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars joined forces with real estate developers Don and Katrina Peebles and their daughter Chloe, a competitive junior equestrian on the First Blue Show Circuit, along with Goldman Sachs and Georgina Bloomberg to raise nearly $50,000 for Give Back for Special Equestrians at a Bridgehampton benefit in support of children and veterans with disabilities. Rolls-Royce Motors Cars Marketing Manager-Americas, Michael Snell, was on-hand to present the luxury automobile’s generous support in the form of a check for $5,000. This is Rolls-Royce’s latest philanthropic venture in the Americas. “It is a notable cause like the “Give Back for Special Equestrians” that allows a corporation l


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